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Review Summary of SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Life Vest

If you love diving, there are also diving safety jackets for you. The safety of life is foremost during work, leisure or sleep. Our product helps you build a safety conscious mind. It has a system of faster inflation and deflation in a shorter time. The mouthpiece of the vest is in a perfect position. You can puff with air even after wearing it.

You can choose to spend your time during the weekend by safely learning how to dive or floating in the water. Then the inflatable life vest is the best option for you. With the neon color, the vest has greater visibility even for long distance also.

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Features Of the SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Life Vest

Product Description

The most important aspect of clothing items is the comfort you enjoy. You will feel very much comfortable after wearing because the vest will take your body’s shape after wearing it in full inflation. So, if you are planning to enjoy your weekend by floating and relaxing in the lake or pool; then take the inflatable life jacket and enjoy.

​​​​Quick method of inflation

The vest has a fast inflation and deflation process. A fully inflated snorkel vest can easily fit in your body, and there’s a mouthpiece as backup for inflation. So, you can even inflate it after wearing the costume. There’s the neck area that’s made of neoprene; it looks like a horse collar, and it’s easy to wear and remove.

Enhanced Safety Feature

There are two straps in the safety vest – one is vertical, and the other one is horizontal with latches in them. More so, the Free Diving Safety Jacket is fitted a safety feature (neon color) that makes the wearer easily  visible from long distance.

Double straps for protection

The vest has a strap on the waist so that it cannot be out automatically pulled from your body. However, after wearing the vest; there two clips in the waist and crotch that prevent a detachment.


The vests and jackets have been manufactured with the highest quality of materials. So, the material is durable, rugged and comfortable to wear. Even if you are using it more frequently, still it lasts longer.

Ease of use

Wearing these vests come with no disadvantages because there are necessary fitting to comfort you. For the learners, this could be the best option to float on the water. The vest is very much user-friendly. It can easily be fitted in any one’s body even if it is fully inflated.  It has an over the neck horse collar which very easy to put on and take off. The vests are large enough and can be adjusted according to the size of the body.

Easy to Stack

After full deflation, the vest or the jacket has turned into a very small thing which can easily be kept into the bag or in the car.

SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Life Vest – A Quick Look


  • Neon color of the vest can easily be noticed from the longer distance. It’s a part of standard safety practice to use reflective materials while learning.
  • Fast inflation and deflation process help to save time. The mouthpiece is in an exact location.
  • The neck is like a horse collar. So, it is easy to wear and remove. It has an extra large size that fits all the biggest adult.


  • Never keep it near to the fire or overheat. It might damage the vest permanently.

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Final Verdict

As a safety practice, it’s advised to add a reflective color on you vest That’s the reason we have fitted the inflatable life vest with neon. Apart from selling our products; the material strength, quality design and safety add-on are important. However, we trust you have more value for buying this vest. Overall The inflatable life vest and jacket are a perfect companion for your weekend leisure.

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