Best Pool Floats for Adults in 2021

I am a beach and pool fanatic. As a water lover, I often get myself in several pool parties that feature different adult pool floats around. Of course, you just don’t pick a pool float because it’s cute.

Choosing the best pool floats for adults is more than that. With the wide availability of pool floats in the market, you might find yourself confused on which to buy. I understand your dilemma, so I have prepared a small adult pool float guide.

I have written some helpful tips too so you won’t have to experience a hard time buying your own adult float.

Best Adult Pool Floats Comparison Chart



Item Weight Buy

Swim Ways Spring Float

4.6 Pounds

GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube

3 Pounds

Pool master Floating

2 Pounds

BigMouth Gigantic Donut Pool_Float

BigMouth Inc Gigantic

1.67 Pounds

Pink flamingo Pool Float tube

Pink flamingo pool float

6.4 Pounds

Best Pool Floats for Adults in Details

1. Swim Ways Spring Float Recliner XL Pool Lounger

The Swim Ways pool recliner lounger is known for its comfort and stability in water since it has a sturdy fabric-covered pool float with a patented spring on the inside. It also has a headrest and backrest for an added comfortable upright position.

Also, you can stay hydrated while swimming and bring a drink with you because it has a built-in cup holder on the right side. Its secure handle can help you move easily while in the water

best adult pool floats

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Since it is portable and easy to store, it can easily fold flat into three compact circles. It doesn’t even need an air pump as inflation and deflation are faster because of its jet valve technology which allows you to use it in no time!

This pool float is definitely what you need if you’re looking forward to relaxing while socializing with your friends while in the pool. Among other pool floats for adults, this one is made of fabric which makes it unique. You may also like Floats for Babies

2. GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube Inflatable Float

The Go Floats Unicorn inflatable float is an affordable adult pool float that’s made of vinyl premium raft material to ensure safety. Its stylish, cool design adds fun and happiness in the pool. The tube is designed for adults and persons of all sizes.

What makes this float great is its 5x faster inflation and deflation feature due to its rapid inflate valve, thus making the float available for use in no time.

best pool floats for tanning

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It also comes in an easy storage and portable feature, so storage certainly won’t be a problem. You can sit on it and relax while enjoying the warmth of summer.

This inflatable float is made and designed for adults with its big hole that most sizes can fit in. Its cute design and rainbow color will definitely look perfect in the water. Though it’s designed mainly for adults, you can let older kids enjoy it too.

3. Pool master Floating Water Hammock Lounge

This adult float by Pool master has a unique hammock-style which is different from the usual floats. It includes a 12-gauge vinyl inflatable headrest and footrest that you can put in for additional comfort.

It is intended to let you feel comfortable and relaxed in a semi-submerged position while floating.

Poolmaster Swimming Pool

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The best thing about the water hammock lounge is its all-weather premium material which was woven from polycoated threads to allow the product to last for a long period of time even with regular use. It is also convenient to store. Just roll it up quickly and put it in the suitcase when you’re travelling or store it for your next pool party.

You can lounge comfortably because it has a balanced buoyancy which simply means that the headrest is larger than the footrest to allow an upright position. It comes with an inflatable bladder that serves as the headrest and footrest. It also elevates your body while letting your lower body deep in the water.

4. BigMouth Inc Gigantic Donut Pool Float

A fun and delicious way to float, this gigantic donut pool float is a ring-style float made of high-quality and durable multicolour vinyl. It measures 4 feet tall, and its donut-shaped design certainly looks appetizing.

Its diameter allows one person to get in. One good thing about this adult pool float is its lightweight feature despite having a huge size.

BigMouth Gigantic Donut Pool Float

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It is easy to clean after using and comes with a trouble-free inflation and deflation.

Its durable material can hold up to 200 pounds, and its size can fit most pool types. In addition, it comes with a patch kit to ensure long-lasting use. You may also wear a life jacket before joining at the party.

5. Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube- Best Floaties For Adults

If you’re looking for a huge pool float tube, the Pink Flamingo is for you. You will enjoy your pool time without getting wet because of its huge 7-foot size. Since it is made of quality vinyl, it is soft and comfortable.

Unlike other pool floats, the Pink Flamingo tube is not easy to break because of its custom-designed high-quality ultra thick vinyl construction.

Pink Flamingo Pool Float tube

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It has an easy inflation feature, thus removing the need for a long time to fill your float with air. With multiple air valves, your pool float will be up and running in minutes!

The float will stay cool even under the heat of the sun because it absorbs less heat. You will have a holiday well-spent due to its flat surface and the absence of an inner tube.

6. Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float

If you want to stand out on your next pool party, this Jasonwell giant flamingo pool float is what you need. It is designed to hold up to two adults, so you can call a friend to join you.

It is made of a soft and durable premium-grade material. It even comes with a Jasonwell bag for easy and organized storage.

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float

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With a width of 108.2 inches, it can accommodate up to two people and support up to 400 pounds. It is extremely easy to inflate and deflate with its rapid valves. You can choose to use a hairdryer,compressor, or best inflatable air pump for inflation.

With its cute and unique style, this Giant Flamingo float can be the best accessory for your summer pool party.

7. Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

Intended for people who mind the UV rays of the sun, the Intex Canopy island inflatable lounge features a detachable fabric sun shade.

It gives just the right amount of shade from the sun on hot days without depriving you of the fun you’re looking for.You can also share it with a friend as it comes with two cup holders for your drinks and two air chambers for added safety.

intex canopy island inflatable lounge

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Space is good enough for two people too. With its amazing quality, you will surely have a fun time together out in the sun.

The canopy is adjustable, removable, and can protect you from the harsh heat of the sun. For easy storage, the float folds into three compact rings. One good thing about this pool float is it comes with a patch kit to quickly repair any damage and keep your float last long.

How to Pick the Right Floats for Adults

An excellent pool float can either make or break your relaxing moment. Whether you are taking your stress off or just enjoying the warm summer heat, you need an excellent pool float to make that happen. We’ll guide you through the buying process so you can have a better pool party experience.

Here are the things you should consider when choosing the best adult pool floats.

Ease of Entry

When getting an adult pool float, remember to look for one that allows easy entry. It is a torture if you have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to get in or out. Some floats will give you a hard time climbing unto them, so make sure to select the one that comes with a trouble-free entry.


To maximize your floating experience, you should spend uninterrupted moments floating in the pool. In this case, you should put necessary things within your reach so you don’t need to leave your float. Look for an adult pool float that has storage areas for your phone and a cup holder for your drinks to allow you to enjoy a more relaxed moment.


Size does matters in this case. When choosing an adult pool float, you should consider your swimming area. If it is small, think about buying a smaller float so you won’t be using the entire space. Leave enough room for other swimmers to enjoy too. Also, you have to make sure that you can easily squeeze into your float with enough room to allow you to move about.


If you want a long-lasting pool float, you need to consider the durability of the materials used. There are adult pool floats out there with higher vinyl gauges(they are known to have more resistance from punctures and UV rays). Choose the one that could give you comfy experience while on the pool.


When looking for the best pool float, you should also take into account the price that you are willing to pay in exchange for a relaxing moment under the sun. There are a lot of adult pool floats available on the market, so you need to think of a budget and start searching for a float depending on your current budget. Quality pool floats don’t need to be so expensive, so it’s important to do some research first.

Benefits of Using Pool Floats

Pool floats are not only designed for children. They’re also intended for adults who want to relax and forget their busy life. Aside from the obvious reason that it is fun to use floats in the pool, there are several other advantages of using pool floats. They are as follows:

They Help in Swimming Exercises

Swimmers use floats to help them learn more techniques while swimming. These pool floats can help adults learn a wide range of swimming skills. In practice, most swimming teachers use floats to teach their students.

Help Reduce Back Problems

Are you suffering from backaches? Pool floats will help lessen the pain. The nature of floating allows your back to be relaxed without your own body weight pressing through your back. In this case, choose a pool float that has a headrest to enable you to lie down comfortably.

They Promote Calmness and a Peaceful Relaxation

Working long hours, chasing children, lifting too heavy objects, or sitting down in front of your computer the whole day can be stressful. Going home to your pool, floating on your adult pool float while sipping a soothing beverage can help you regain the strength you lose during the day.

Enable Creativity

Floating in the water on top of a pool float will allow you to think creatively. Floating improves technical ability and increases your creativity and problem-solving skills. It does give a lot of mental benefits as well.

Aid in Sleeping Disorders

Another good thing with pool float is its ability to help you with your sleep disorders. Sometimes, when uneasy thoughts won’t turn off and the bed can’t help you, pool floats will help you gain that sleep back.

They Facilitate Great Bonding

While pool floats help people enjoy a serene alone time, they also bring friendship and relationship closer together. You can have a pool party with your family and friends or talk and converse while on your floats while sipping sodas and cold juices.

Using the pool floats is beneficial not just that it allows you to relax while on the pool. While it is not a miracle cure for stress or certain ailments, it sure does help in a lot of ways. With safety measures and proper planning, you can maximize the use of your adult pool float.

Types of Adult Floats

Each kind of adult pool floats functions differently. If you’re planning to purchase a pool float, it is best to know the different types for you to narrow down your choices. Here are the main types of adult pool floats on the market:

Pool Lounge Floats

True to its name, this type functions the same as a lounge or chair. Pool lounge floats will allow you to sit on your floats and are ideal for reading a magazine, using your phone, and just enjoying the scenes. However, if tanning is your purpose for using a float, this type is not what you need.

Pool Hammock Floats

Hammock floats require balance and a bit of skill in using them, thus you need to spend a little bit of time to know the basics. This type of floats will allow you to lie down and get a tan. Other floats come with a headrest and footrest for added comfort. Unlike the lounge floats, hammock floats can’t keep you from getting soak in the water.

Inflatable Pool Floats

These pool floats are the most common type in the market. They come with a variety of designs and forms. A pool float with a canopy is ideal for those who want to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you want to enjoy a refreshing drink while floating, you can get a pool float with a cup holder and built-in coolers.

Foam Pool Floats

These floats consist of a foam-made core wrapped in a vinyl layer. This typeis sturdy, durable, and can withstand rips, tears, and pricks. It allows you to float closer to the water because of its thin lining. You won’t have any difficulty in storing them because of their compressed sizes. However, it may take time to let the air out because they’re a bit large.

Why You Should Purchase Pool Floats

A day at the poolside reading your favorite book and sipping your much-loved drink will never be complete without a pool float. Floats are essential for an adult who wants to escape a day or two from the busy life of grownups. You need to buy pool floats because they are fun, relaxing, and are a pool party essential.

Do you wish you can be a child again? Well, you can’t. However, you can get the same experience by using a pool float. The cool feeling while lounging or lying down while floating in the pool is breathtaking.

One way to relax is to surround yourself with water. With a pool float, you can achieve a very relaxing afternoon float in the pool with a refreshing drink and a peaceful ambiance. In addition, you can also buy a double pool float which is great for couples who want to enjoy meaningful conversations while in the pool.

Nowadays, with Instagram photos and social media posts, a holiday is never perfect without beautiful, fun photos. The cute pool float will add flavors to your summer vacations since it comes with a variety of designs and creative shapes.

Final Note!

Finding the best adult pool can be overwhelming and confusing. There are a number of factors you should consider to be able to get the right one. As such, this list may serve as a guide to your journey for getting the right pool float to help you relax and enjoy your pool time.

With all of the features each product has, I hope you know which one you are looking for by now.

Thanks for reading my reviews of the best pool floats for adults in the market. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, especially those who are fond of pool parties.

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