Kwik-Tek AHP-120 Airhead Air Pump – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

Kwik Tek AHP 120 Airhead Air Pump reviews.Editor Rating: 4.2/5

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Review Summary of Kwik-Tek AHP-120 Airhead Air Pump

Are you planning to spend your weekend on water rides? If yes, then you must be using a tow-able or pool float or the beach toys. This Airhead Air Pump 120 v can easily inflate as well as deflate these air-based products so easily. It has an accordion style hose pipe which works as a medium between the pump and the valve fittings; so that there should not be any disconnection. With the 10 feet long power cord you will be able to use it in some distance from the wall point. There are three valve fittings with the pump which helps to fit all the universal valves. You can easily carry this product because it has a handle on it.

The pump can generate 300 liters of air per minute with the maximum pressure of 0.92 psi. Airhead air pump consumes 1.6 amps / 170 watts. If you are planning your next vacation as camping or a picnic in sea or lakeside, then have this pump with you to set yours on the inflated pool float or towable or kayak for the entertainment. Safety is a factor that’s considered when using electrically powered devices. The airhead pump has great insulation that protect its users from electrical shocks. More so, there’s great ease of use because the buyer doesn’t have to worry about tedious installation techniques. What you see on the manual is what you get.

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Features of Kwik-Tek AHP-120 Airhead Air Pump 

Ease To Use

The pump is eight inches long and wide; it has the height of 6 inches weighing one pound. So, the air pump is very easy to operate and carry from one place to another. The pump is a 120-volt-powered machine and can be used with alternating current (A.C) power. The alternating current is what we use as electricity in our homes. More so, the maximum pressure output is 0.92 PSI; this output can produce at least 300 liters of air per minute. To prevent any disconnection; the pump has an accordion-style hose that fits. The product has a 10 feet long power cord, and it has a handle to carry easily.


The Airhead Air Pump is manufactured using high-quality material which is strong enough to sustain. The company has checked its durability before launching it into the market. It is completely durable and long lasting. The product is not very heavy; so, it can be carried easily.


Airhead air pump is a highly productive machine. If you are providing or selling inflated towable, pool floats or beach toys, then this machine will be very useful to you. It has a high inflation capacity of 300 liters/min, and you blow all of them in a very short time. Not only that; the pump can deflate it at the same rate as well.

Ease Stacking

With its high production; this machine can be stacked easily when it’s not in use. The size of the air pump is not a barrier for safekeeping because it has weights just a pound. So, it is easily portable by hand and stacks well with your inflatable floats like a kayak and tugboats.

Airhead Air Pump – A Quick Look


  • The air pump is a highly productive material with 300 liters of Air production per minute.
  • It is made with High productive material and its durability is tested by Airhead.
  • The pump is very light in weight, only 1 pound, so it is easy to carry and stack.
  • With the 120v power, it will deliver a high quantity of inflation.
  • Plug-in and operate without any stressful installation process.


  • The accordion-style hose needs to be kept properly. When damage accidentally occurs; there might be air leakage which will affect the pump’s efficiency.

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Final Verdict

There’s a great improvement with the 120-volt powered airhead pump when compared with regular pumps in the marketplace. The designs on this pneumatic device make it easier to inflate and deflate air-tight products within a few minutes. It’s a reliable do-it-yourself (DIY) tool that makes the workman happy. There is no restriction for use because the airhead pump is versatile and can be used in construction, packaging, remediation, and other ventures. More so, it gives the buyer a good value for money because of its low maintenance cost.

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