Best Inflatable Bounce House Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Do you need an inflatable bounce house for your children’s party? Then I’ve got the list of the best for you. As I often hold a lot of children’s parties for my kids and their friends, I make sure that I get only the best inflatable bounce house so that everyone will have a good time.

If you’re also interested in getting a best bounce house for your kids, this list (along with a quick buying guide) will help you choose the best one there is. I’ve compiled 7 of my favorite products which I hope your kid will enjoy as well.

Best Bounce House Reviews in Details

1. Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide

The Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide bouncer is a great addition for your playroom as it is a durable indoor jumping bounce slide that can fit up to 3 kids. It also comes with a heavy-duty air blower and safety accessories like stake anchors.

It also includes other safety features like three mesh slides walls so that your kid doesn’t accidentally fall out while jumping around.

Best Bounce House Reviews

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The Jump ‘n Slide is made of a puncture-resistant material to make sure it stays inflated at all times. Also, as it comes with a blower included in the package, it can quickly and easily inflate in just a minute.

One of the features that make this inflatable bounce house is its construction which comes with a continuous airflow for keeping your kids cool while playing inside. With the stake anchors included, you can set this up in your own backyard.

2. Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer- Best Bounce House For Toddlers

Durability and safety is the top priority of this inflatable bouncer from Blast Zone. Some of the safety construction features include top-grade commercial impact surfaces, tough X-weave material, and quadruple stitch material. All these make the Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer one of the toughest there is.

The manufacturer also made sure to adjust the height of the slide to avoid accidents and add a soft netting so that the children can avoid possible injuries.

Best Bounce House For Toddlers

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Additionally, it’s designed for bigger children as it can hold up to 100 pounds and a maximum of 6 occupants. It also comes with a UL blower to make inflation a lot quicker and easier. You can inflate it in seconds, thus allowing you to save a lot of time.

The problem with the Big Ol Bouncer lies on the quality of its material. Albeit durable, it’s not durable enough to take on damage. You’ll have to patch it up after only a few uses.

3. Intex Jump O Lene Castle- Best Indoor Bounce House

This model is a smaller variety bouncer that can be used indoors. It measures 69x69x53 inches, making it ideal for keeping in a basement or a playroom.

It’s also made of a very soft and durable PVC material that your child can both jump and lie down on.Since the material used is non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about your child’s health. You can easily clean it with soapy water.Not to mention, it’s hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting allergies while playing inside.

Best Indoor Bounce House

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Additionally, it comes in a colorful castle design to give your child a chance to imagine that he or she is in an actual castle. This allows your babys to enjoy an interactive fun that allows them to develop their physical abilities, coordination, and balance. It’s definitely the perfect children’s toy for indoors.

4. Blast Zone Magic Castle

This brand is just as strong as the Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer that we’ve mentioned just now, except that this one comes in the shape of a castle.

This bouncy castle is both robust and strong, making it both windproof and durable.

Of course, the most noteworthy feature that differs it from the other Blast Zone bounce house is its design. Due to its castle structure, this bounce house can easily attract a lot of children at parties and kiddie events.

Blast Zone Magic Castle

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This inflatable bouncer’s construction quality allows it to hold up to 3 children, making it ideal only for small gatherings. You can carry it around easily by simply deflating it and rolling it up then place it inside its carrying bag.

The package comes with a blower, so you can quickly inflate this within 2 minutes. Also, it’s very easy to set up just about anywhere you want.

5. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race- Best Bounce House With Slide

If you’ve got a pool, then this is perfect for your children to play in. The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is basically a really big water slide that includes a rock climbing portion to go up the slide. Not only is this some sort of a challenge for your children, but it’s also a fun activity that your kids can enjoy during the summer.

Aside from that, it comes with a number of amazing features which you and your kids will surely enjoy. 

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain inflatable Slide Bouncer

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One good example is its weight capacity which is capable of holding up to 350 pounds and a maximum of 4 children.Since it’s got a rock climbing portion, your kids will be able to train their bodies while allowing them to exercise as well.

Additionally, it includes several accessories to add up to the fun.

6. Picasso Tiles Jumping Bouncing House

Its unique features and great size is what makes this best bounce house among the kids. First of all, it measures 12x10x7 feet.

This already includes the slide, which happens to be really wide so that more than one kid can slide down at the same time.

Other than the slide, it comes with a basketball rim and four balls. These balls come in the form of a kiddie basketball, football, soccer ball, and a baseball. This gives your kid the chance to play some hardcore sports with the other kids.

Picasso Tiles Jumping Bouncing House

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It features a full-size entry door at the back as well as a few entrances to allow your kids to go in and out quite easily. Overall, it can hold up to 250 pounds or around 3 children. The setup is really quick and easy, and it also comes with its own carry bag for easy storage and portability.

7. Bounceland Castle W/Hoop

This is an all-around bounce castle that has two really cool features – a five-foot-long slide and a basketball hoop inside. This is why children love this bounce castle.

Not only will they have fun sliding up and down, they can even play some ball with their friends.The bouncing area is also very bouncy because it’s made of a sturdy and heavy-duty material. 

Bounceland Castle WHoop Inflatable Bounce House

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This makes playing basketball even more fun for your kids. It’s capable of holding up to 250 pounds or a maximum of 3 kids using it all at once.

Included in the package is a UL blower to allow easy inflation. In less than 5 minutes, you can fully inflate the bounce house so your babys can start playing inside them. It also comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and portability. It’s an overall versatile bounce castle that puts a lot of emphasis on fun.

Things To Consider Before Buying Bounce House

Now that you have an idea of the best bounce houses in the market, how do you know which one to pick? Well, there are several factors you might want to consider before you even decide to buy one. They are as follows:


Size is one of the most important things to consider when buying an inflatable bounce house. The size will depend on the location. If you’re just going to have a small lawn party, then an inflatable bounce house with a dimension of 10 ft x 10 ft x 13 ft will do.  If you’re going to have your party in a much bigger area like a park, you would need something bigger to fit the location.


Capacity is also another important factor to consider because you don’t want to overcrowd the bounce house. If there are too many people playing inside, it might be seriously damaged. The capacity is usually measured by how many children can play in it at the same time, or simply the maximum weight allowed. Lightweight ones can usually take up to a maximum of 500 pounds, while bigger ones can take over a thousand.


You must also consider the design of the bounce house. If your kiddie party has a theme, then you might want to get a bounce house that goes along with the theme. For instance, if you’re having a Disney-themed party, then a castle bounce house will look really nice and relevant.

Safety Features

Since a lot of children are going to be under your care, you have to make sure that they’re safe while they play. This is why you have to choose a bouncy house that has the best safety features available.

You might want to consider getting quadruple-stitched vinyl houses because they are the strongest and the sturdiest. You must also ensure that the material is both fireproof and puncture-proof. Also, look for other stuff such as long fill tubes and Velcro slides as they add to the overall durability. Finally, check if the bounce house is lead-free or not. If it’s not, don’t buy it.

Benefits of Bounce House

What are the benefits of getting an inflatable bounce house? Let’s find out here:

Allows Your Kids to Exercise

If you’re having a hard time getting your child to go outside and exercise, then you can encourage him by turning it into playtime. By going to the bouncy house, your child will run around, jump, and in general, move. This will enable him to really work up a sweat.

Encourages Social Interaction with Other Children

Aside from exercise, your child will have the chance to interact with other children. If you set up a nice bounce house in your backyard during a party, all the children are going to flock over there. In the frenzy of all the children playing, your kid is bound to meet a few new friends.

It Serves a Great Outlet for Energy

Does your child have too much energy in their bodies that they start destroying the whole house? Well, my 4-year old boy, being like any 4-year old, will jump on his bed the minute he gets up in the morning and starts running around the house! I deal with it by letting him jump around on our bounce house in the backyard. By letting him bounce around for around 30 minutes whenever he’s extra hyper, his energy seems to die down eventually. I’m sure it can also work for your children as well.

It Allows Your Kids to Breathe More Fresh Air

These days, kids seem to be more glued to their mobile devices because of easy access to the internet. Due to these, the current generation of toddlers and small kids don’t really go out much unless they find something fun to do.

With a bounce house, you have a higher chance of convincing your kid to go out and play. This can finally get them to throw their phones down and play around in the open.

Bounce House Safety Rules

While bounce houses are generally safe (provided that you get the high quality ones like the brands that are mentioned in the list above), you’ll never know when an accident can happen.

With children, things may go awry if they’re having too much fun. That’s why as a guardian, you have to lay down a few safety house rules to prevent any accidents, especially in kiddie parties. Here are a few tips that can help ensure their safety while playing inside.

  • No food and beverages should be allowed inside the bounce house.
  • Rough play and horsing around is not allowed while inside the bounce house.
  • Fighting is not allowed inside the bounce house.
  • Overcrowding the bounce house is not allowed. Make sure your kids always follow the rules and suggestions set by the manufacturer as to the capacity of the bounce house.
  • Always follow the suggested age group of children provided by the bounce house manufacturer.
  • Only a maximum of two people should use the slide at the same time.
  • Children are not allowed to jump on others while in the bounce house.
  • The bounce house cannot be used if there are strong winds over 20 mph, strong rains, or strong snowstorms.
  • If it rains hard, the bounce house should still be inflated but not used.
  • Children with physical conditions that may cause injury or impairment while jumping are not allowed to use the bounce house.
  • Do not wear any footwear, jewelry, or other accessories when you enter the bounce house.
  • No sharp objects are allowed near the bounce house.
  • Do not slide down headfirst as this may cause some injury to your head.
  • Do not run up the slide as an accident may happen if you fall down.
  • Hot objects are not allowed near the bounce house at all times.
  • Children of the same age and size should be grouped together in one part while another group is located in another part.
  • Do not climb the mesh portion of the bounce house.

Types of Bounce Houses

Did you know that there are different types of bounce houses that you can buy? Knowing the types of bounce houses will give you an idea as to which one you should buy for your children. If you’re new to bounce houses, here are the types of bounce houses that you can find in the market:


The first type is the standard type which is used for most lawns and backyard parties. This type is made of thick material and is often medium to large sized –  big enough to fit lawns that can hold medium-sized kiddie parties.


An indoor type is typically smaller and more lightweight than the standard type because it’s designed for indoor use instead of outdoor. It’s built with smaller jumping areas so that not many people can jump on it. This type is great for big houses wherein you would want to hold an indoor party.


The commercial type is the really big one that you can find in parks and playgrounds. It is usually used in fairs, carnivals, and park events which allow children to play. It’s often made of a much stronger material since more people will be bouncing inside.

Water Bounce House

This type of bounce house is the same as the ones that you can find in water parks. It’s good for water games as it has exclusive features such as water slides, splash pools, and more. It’s a great addition to your outdoor pool – especially if your children have pool parties.

Obstacle Course

The last type is the obstacle course type. As the name implies, it’s designed to be exactly like an obstacle course. This is great for the more sporty kids who want more of a challenge than just bouncing around.

An obstacle course type is made of an extremely strong material to handle rough children. This type of bounce house also comes with cool obstacle features such as big slides, climbing walls, and tunnels. Of course, this type is designed for the older children.

Can bounce houses be used indoors?

Generally, bounce houses are not supposed to be used indoors simply because they won’t be able to fit indoors. However, I’ve mentioned in the previous section that there is an indoor type bounce house. This is the kind of bounce house that can fit inside your house (provided that the house is spacious).

If ever you want to fit a bounce house inside your own house or basement, make sure you stick with the indoor type. It’ll be a disaster if you try to inflate other types indoors. Of course, compared to other bounce houses, it’ll be a bit smaller to accommodate the small indoor space.

Are bounce houses safe for toddlers?

While most parents are hesitant to let their toddlers play in a bounce house, I think they actually can –but with adult supervision. I allow my 4-year old son to play in our bounce house as long as there’s someone there at the side watching him. Usually, it’s me that watches him play, but he does have a nanny who sometimes accompanies him inside. In my opinion, bounce houses are pretty safe for toddlers if there’s an adult there to supervise.

What is the weight limit for a bounce house?

While most of the bounce houses have different weight capacities, I find that the standard ones usually have a weight capacity of around 300 to 500 pounds depending on the brand. You can find the weight capacity of the bounce house somewhere on the safety label.

Of course, the smaller ones will have a lower weight capacity, and the bigger ones will have a higher capacity. To be totally sure, always check the safety label of your bounce house before you use it. You should also consider the maximum number of children allowed to play inside at the same time.

Are bounce houses safer than trampolines?

I would definitely say that trampolines are more dangerous than bounce houses. For one, trampolines don’t have borders or walls like bounce houses do. If your child bounces on the edge of the trampoline, he could bounce toward the outside and land on the ground. Bounce houses, on the other hand, are totally enclosed and come with safety features, thereby heavily preventing accidents.

Also, trampolines have exposed metal parts that could injure your child in the event he lands towards them. Bounce houses don’t have that many metal parts. Even if they did, they’re already covered and won’t be exposed to your child.

If you ask me, I would never let me child use a trampoline! But I’d definitely let him play in a bounce house.

Final Notes

If you want to give your kids the chance to spend hours and hours of complete fun, then consider buying one of the seven best inflatable bounce house that I’ve mentioned above.

There are different types for outdoor settings, indoor settings, and even for pools. It all just depends on which one you want to get. That’s why I also included a buying guide and a few interesting tidbits about bounce houses that you may want to study before you go out and buy one.

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