Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

Do you enjoy paddle boarding? I sure do; that’s why I make sure that I only buy the best inflatable stand up paddle board that I can find. It’s not just because I want a really nice paddle board, but it’s also because I want a smooth ride and a really fun experience.

Due to this, a lot of beginners always come to me if they want to know what brand of paddle board they should buy. To address such questions to all beginners out here, I’ve come up with a list of the ones you should consider buying and a few little extra you should know about paddle boarding.

Inflatable paddle Board comparison







Tower Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

10'4 x 32 x 6

26 lbs

300 lbs

iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

10'6 x 33 x 6

25 lbs

400 lbs

Atoll 11' Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

11 x 32 x 6

19 lbs

350 lbs

Peak Inflatable Paddle Board

10'6 x 31 x 6

23 lbs

300 lbs

10'6 x 30 x 4

25 lbs

210 lbs

1. Tower Paddle Boards "Adventurer 2" iSUP Review

This paddle board is known for being both rigid and portable at the same time. It has a pretty good weight capacity of 350 pounds. Aside from being sturdy, it is also portable even when inflated.

The package includes a SUP and a bungee rope. It also comes with a fiberglass paddle and a strong pump.

This is probably one of the best iSUP board we tested and its more well-rounded paddle board packages you can ever find on the market.

Tower Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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2. iROCKER CRUISER Inflatable SUP Review

This is yet another very sturdy and stable inflatable stand up paddle board. Despite weighing only 25 pounds, it has a total weight capacity of 400 pounds and measures 33 inches wide. It also has a wide tail that makes it very stable and easy to track.

This is probably one of the most stable paddle board brands that you can find.It is also extremely durable because of the materials used for its construction.While you have a steady ride, you also won’t have to worry about damage.

iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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It is the only brand that has a triple action hand pump that was specially created by iRocker. It also comes with a carry bag that is designed just for your paddle board. On top of that, it also sports a 2-year warranty wherein you may change parts within the year. However, you most likely won’t need to.

3. Atoll Paddle board- Best Inflatable Sup For Fishing

This is a very lightweight paddle board which makes it easy to carry around and super inflatable. Even though it is lightweight, it’s still very sturdy because it’s made of a 3rd Generation black aluminum material which is the reason why it doesn’t turn over easily.

For the dimensions, it measures 32 inches wide, 11 feet long, and 6 inches thick. For extra durability, it is also covered with a full PVC layer to add to the already sturdy aluminum core. It also comes with 15 D-rings so you can tie anything you want there.

Atoll 11' Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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Finally, it comes with a high-pressure Bravo hand pump for stronger inflating. In fact, the hand pump can pump up to 15 psi. The Atoll paddle board is inspected and assured by the ISUP board so you can really be sure of its superior quality.

4. PEAK Paddle Board- Best Inflatable SUP For Surfing

When it comes to sturdiness and durability, this one is more or less on the same level as the Atoll brand. However, it takes the cake when it comes to overall design. It sports a beautiful light blue design which is perfect for those who love to surf and bum on the beach. In my opinion this is the best inflatable SUP for surfing.

It also sports a diamond traction groove pad on the board which further adds to its stylish and elegant design.

Peak Inflatable Paddle Board

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Aside from design, it is also damage-resistant. The material used on its construction is a 6-inch military grade PVC. That alone can tell you that it can survive pretty much any impact. The package also comes with a paddle, a coil leash, a pump, and a bag.

It also has a 6-point bungee system which allows you to carry whatever you have with you on the board. Overall, it’s a really good pad for boarders of any level.

5. Sport stuff 1030 Stand Up Paddle board 

If you’re after convenience, then this is probably the paddleboard that you should be looking for. First of all, it is lightweight making it really easy to carry. It also includes a paddle, stainless steel rings, and a hand pump for overall maintenance.

The kit also comes with a pressure gauge, valve wrench, and leash that are all designed to offer you maximum convenience.

Sportstuff Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard

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Aside from that, it is one of the most beginner-friendly paddleboards you’ll ever find. It has two-piece aluminum constructions which make it very steady and ensure beginners that it won’t topple over. It also has an anti-skid EVA padding so that you’ll feel secure while paddle boarding. It also comes with a removable seat just in case you’re not ready to stand up yet. It can also support a weight of up to 210 pounds to allow even those with a huge frame use it without any worries.

For those who are after a portable inflatable stand up paddle board, this is a good product to consider. It measures 9 feet by 9 inches with a 5-inch thickness which make it really easy to bring around and store. Due to its size, it’s very easy to use and bring around to the beach.

With regards to durability, it is made of pure PVC which is quite strong on its own. It also comes with a deck pad and bungee system just in case you want to bring your stuff. It also comes with a few D-rings so that you can attach the leash later on.

6. Pathfinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board 

If you’re in need of a basic, all-around SUP paddle board without any fancy features, then the inflatable Pathfinder is for you. With its size, you can enjoy a slightly faster speed compared to most entry-level paddleboards in the market.

Due to its all-around design, you can expect the Pathfinder to perform excellently at recreational activities, long-distance tours, and possibly yoga.

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

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The board’s construction is made of an extremely durable PVC material along with a multi-layer drop stitch to offer protection from any possible damage.

It’s capable of taking up to 15 PSI and even comes with a high pressure pump included in the package. Unfortunately, it can only support a weight limit of up to 240 pounds, making it not so ideal for paddlers with a huge body frame.

In spite of that, it’s still a noteworthy paddle board with its really affordable price.

7. ISLE Airtech- Best Inflatable SUP For Yoga

These days, doing yoga on a paddle board is actually a thing. However, if you want to do yoga on a paddle board, then you need to make sure that the paddle board you buy is suitable for such activity. There really isn’t any other paddle board suitable for yoga than the ISLE Airtech inflatable board.

First, it has an Airtech construction which allows it to support people that have a weight of up to 240 pounds despite the board itself weighing only 20 lbs

Also, the dimensions (10x32x6) are perfect for doing yoga. The board has a wide nose and a tail so that it remains stable while you do your poses.

ISLE 10' Airtech Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board

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Since it is made of military-grade PVC and is 6 inches thick, it won’t get damaged easily. This allows full enjoyment during your yoga sessions when you are floating on the water. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee just in case you don’t like the product.

8. HydroForce White Cap Inflatable SUP Review

If you’re after speed, the Hydro Force White Cap is a really good choice. Due to its sleek and lightweight structure, you can also use it as a kayak if you install a kayak seat (it comes with a kayak seat in the package). The thin structure is really designed for fast movement which enables you to cut through the water.

It is also made of a two-layer PVC with a drop stitch construction which make sit quite durable. The package comes with a very durable oar, backrest for kayaking, a travel bag, and a pump kit.

HydroForce White Cap Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

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As an entry-level board, the Hydro Force is an excellent and budget-friendly purchase for newbie paddlers and even kids. It’s capable of supporting a maximum of only 220 pounds, making it ideal only for small to medium sized individuals.

How to Select the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

While I’ve already mentioned 8 of the best stand up paddle board brands that I think are the best, another question would be which of the 8 should you buy? Well, based on my experience, everyone has different needs with regard to their paddle boards. How do you know which one is for you? These factors are what you might want to consider:


The first thing you have to think of is size. The rule of thumb when choosing a paddle board is to consider your weight. If you’re around 140 to 200 pounds, then you’ll need a board that’s at least ten feet long. If you’re over 200 pounds, then you’ll need something like a 12-foot board or possibly even longer.


The board’s material will determine its durability. Most people prefer hardboard materials that have an aluminum core and covered with PVC. Polyester mesh is also used, but the more suitable choice is a hard PVC covering, especially if you’re an avid board user. If you only use it once in a while, going for a board made of a lower grade material might just be a budget-friendly option.


PSI refers to how much pressure the board can take. The higher the PSI, the sturdier the board is. Most boards have a max PSI of 15 which is your benchmark. You don’t need to fill it to 15 PSI when you use it; however, it’s good to know that your chosen board has a high limit.


Thickness also contributes to the overall sturdiness of the board. I would highly recommend that you buy a board that is around 6 inches thick especially if you are a heavy person. This would ensure that the board won’t sink no matter how you use it.


Of course, you must also consider the paddle when you buy the package. While most paddles are made of aluminum, you’ll find most aluminum paddles to be a little bit too heavy especially if you’re a beginner. I actually recommend that you use a fiberglass instead because it’s more lightweight and equally durable.

Beginners’ Guides to Getting Started with SUP (Stand Up Paddle)Boarding

After you’ve already decided on a paddle board, it’s time to figure out how to use it (applicable only if you have no prior experience in paddle boarding). You’d probably think that all you have to do is stand on it and paddle. Sure, it sounds easy when you think about it; however, it’s really harder than it seems.

To start, attach the leash to your shin or ankle and adjust the angle of the fin away from you. Grab your paddle and make sure the head is a bit far from your board. Now, let’s learn how to stand on it.

Make sure that you start with a very calm water. Also, you may want to get yourself a wetsuit and also a life vest. After that, slowly step on the board. If you’re not comfortable with standing, start first on your knees until you get the hang of it.

Once you’re feeling steady, you can then start standing up slowly while you’re in the middle of the board. When you stand up, make sure that the feet are on shoulder width. Once you’re up, crouch slightly and bend your knees just a bit so that you can keep your balance.

When you get your balance, start out with a basic stroke. The first thing to do is to hold the paddle horizontally with your hands parallel to each other. After that, position your left hand on top and right hand on the bottom while bringing down the head to the right side of the water. In this position, propel yourself forward. To start, just try one side first and perfect it. After that, you can go to the other side.

Once you’ve already perfected the forward stroke, the next step is to learn how to make a turn. Let’s start by learning how to turn to the left. If you want to turn to the left, place your paddle on the right side and shift your weight to the left side. Your board should start turning to the left already. You pretty much have to do the same thing if you want to turn right. You have to place the paddle to the left side and turn your body to the right.

It takes a while to get used to, but a little practice will let you get the hang of it. Just remember to practice slowly so that you won’t fall off.

Inflatable Paddle Board Vs. Fiberglass Paddle Board

Most people would debate about whether to get an inflatable paddle board or a fiberglass paddle board. If you’re not too sure about the difference between the two, then you may check this out. I’ve made a small comparison between the two so that you’ll know which one to choose between them.

Inflatable Boards

Inflatable boards are, as the name implies, inflatable; meaning, you can inflate and deflate them any time you need to travel and bring it around. Boards are usually really bulky and hard to bring around, so it’s more practical if you have an inflatable board at your disposal. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Easy to bring around especially if you need to bring it to a beach.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Very easy to store.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to patch up if there’s a hole.
  • Good for long-term use.


  • Takes a while before you can pump air into it.
  • Takes a while before you can deflate it.
  • Can’t move very fast.
  • Bulkier than SUPs made of other material.

Now that you know about inflatable paddle boards, let’s take a look at the fiberglass version.

Fiberglass Board

Unlike the inflatable type, you can’t deflate it whenever you need to bring it around because it doesn’t need air. It’s more rigid, steady, and solid. This means that it can give you a smoother ride. It’s also ideal for surfers and expert paddlers who do paddle board racing.


  • Can move at a significantly faster speed
  • Can provide a much smoother ride
  • Can float in water much more efficiently
  • Has a higher weight capacity


  • Not as durable as inflatable boards
  • Hard to bring around

Types of Paddle Boards

We’ve already mentioned two types of paddle boards: the fiberglass and inflatable. The third type is known as the soft top type. Let’s go over them one by one:

Epoxy/Fiberglass Board

We’ve mentioned some stuff about fiberglass boards in the last section. They’re also known as epoxy boards and are made of foam core and fiberglass layers. The finishing is epoxy which is used to make sure that there are no scratches and dents on the board.

Inflatable Board

Inflatable boards are the more commonly used ones these days because they’re much sturdier and also much easier to carry around. All you need is a good pump that can fill it with air and you’re good to go.

Soft Top Board

The last one is the soft top board which is made the same way as a surf board. It is made of rather soft material but comes with a very strong core. This makes it both comfortable and sturdy at the same time.


Are inflatable stand up paddle boards any good?

Yes, definitely! I have been using stand up paddle boards for many years and I can tell you it's extremely fun – especially if you love bumming on the beach. Aside from the fun that you can get from this little activity, you can actually get to have quite a bit of exercise too. You get to build up your upper body and your core muscles since you have to balance yourself.

Speaking of balance, paddle boarding can actually improve your balance. This is great for when you’re doing other sports that require balance such as boxing, martial arts, football, or track and field.

How to store an inflatable SUP for the winter?

If you’re not using your SUP, there are several ways you can store it depending on which type you buy. If you buy an inflatable board, then you can store it anywhere because it’s deflatable. However, I recommend that you store it in a closet so that it won’t get damaged. Just make sure you roll it up like you would a sleeping bag.

If you have a rigid one like a fiberglass type or a soft top type, then you may want to store it in a shed. It might not be able to fit in your house unless you have a big storage compartment. A basement or shed will do.

How long does it take to pump up a paddle board?

Inflatable paddle boards are known to take quite a while before they’re pumped. The average time it takes to fully pump a paddle board actually depends on the type of pump that you are using.

If you’re using a K-pump or one of those manual pumps, then it’ll take around 5 to 10 minutes depending on how fast you pump. However, you can buy one of those electric pumps to make your life easier. This will let you pump the board for only a minute at most.

How to repair a leaky valve?

Do you notice a leaky valve in your paddle board? Don’t worry – there’s a very easy way to fix it. When the air leaks out of the valve, it most likely means that it isn’t tight enough. The simplest solution is to tighten it up so that the air won’t leak.

However, the problem may also be with the valve. After a long time of use, you may need to replace it. If you notice that the air is leaking and tightening doesn’t work, then immediately place a new valve replacement.

How do I clean my inflatable paddle board?

I never really have to clean my paddle board, but there are times that I would need to if it gets too dirty. Luckily, it isn’t very hard to do. There are three ways I clean my inflatable paddle board.

The first method is through an oxygen cleaner which can easily take out stains from the fabric. It often takes a while to take out the stains, but it does work the same way as a spray cleaner. After you spray the stains, use a cloth to wipe them away.

The second method is to use Simple Green cleaner. This is pretty much like an oxygen cleaner but more effective. It’s also non-toxic and biodegradable which makes it eco-friendly.

The last method is through the use of the Mr. Clean eraser. This is a household cleaner that can also be used for cleaning paddle boards. It is really effective and can take away stains quickly.

Final Notes

There you have it – my list of the best inflatable stand up paddle board brands in the market and a few stuff you should know about paddle boards. I made this list so that you’ll know which brands to buy. Coupled with the buying guide and some additional info, you can now make a solid decision based on your own preferences.

So what are you waiting for? Get your board now!

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