WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock reviewsEditor Rating: 4.4/5

Build Quality

Review Summary of WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

The air lounger is compact with anti-air leaking and large side pockets design. When safety tips have been considered, there’s no place where this product can’t be used. The ripstop polyester material is brightly colored to enhance the aesthetic beauty of this product. It has been highly designed with water-proof and puncture-resistant materials. The brightly colored outdoor inflatable lounger has an aesthetic beauty to behold. More so, it’s a surefire way to keep everyone’s attention on your event.

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Features of The Inflatable Air Lounger Sofa


It’s versatile as an all-in-one picnic blanket, pool mattress, concert sofa, indoor inflatable couch, hammock and a folding chair. Holiday makers will enjoy the inflatable lounger and crave to spend more time outdoors. So, the hammock-portable sofa is ideal for indoors, campsites, at the backyard, on small bodies of water (with minimal currents), the beach and lake sides.

Material strength

The strength of the material makes the product durable and tough. The puncture resistant inflatable hammock can hold at least 500 pounds weight and its water-proof. The major reason it’s used for outdoor purpose without any hassle is connected with the tough material strength. The outer covering is made from processed ripstop polyester and a tough inner lining that offers double strength to the material.

Stylishly built for comfort

There are comfortable spaces to rest your head, arms, and back; it’s like laying on a soft body jacuzzi. What more can you ask for in a lounger? The inflatable hammock comes with a built-in a squared pillow-shaped headrest to massage your neck. Your phones, tablets, and magazines don’t need any safe storage because the air-tight sofa has a large A4-size pocket.

Easy to Inflate Without a Power Pump

Its double-layered fabric is duly bonded into one chamber to prevent air leakage, and water from seeping through the canoe-shaped hammock. It’s easy to inflate with a technique that requires closing the sleeve after every scoop of air. The air lounger remains inflated for at least a week when it’s two-port fabric is air-tight.

Lightweight and Easy to Stack

This inflatable air lounger has a low maintenance cost; its measurement is 13.7×6.7×4.7 inches and a 2.6-pounds weight. The lightweight lounger can be folded like a towel after it has been deflated. This feature makes storage easy for the air sofa because the owner can fit the product into a little carrier bag and transport it to the site of usage.

User-friendly and good for outdoor events

It’s amazing to lounge outdoors in an air couch that’s distinctively shaped to attract the glares of onlookers. However, there’s no smarter way to add some glamour to your outdoor events when you own this product. The strength of the air-tight sofa’s material is unique. More so, the product is fitted with a stronger inner lining that is flexible. With a lightweight value of 2.65 pounds, portability is seamless because it also doesn’t require a large space for storage during transportation.

Spacious and comfortable

The sofa seats more than three people comfortably; however, it must accommodate one person when it floats on water. The pillow-shaped air-tight sofa has a good design that forms a pea when you lay on it. However, there’s room for the headrest to give you that deserving comfort.

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa – A Quick Look


  • At home, kids and adults can use the inflatable sofa for sitting and sleeping.
  • In outdoor environments, it can be used on water, lawn or sand.
  • Water and puncture-proof ripstop polyester fabric that is tough.
  • Apart from indoor use, the inflatable sofa has a versatile use as a camping sofa and a beach bed.


  • The inflatable lounger’s side pocket doesn’t have a larger space for medium-sized ice cream cups and large alcohol bottles; except for small and flat objects.

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Final Verdict

With this inflatable couch, it has become easy to fulfill your childhood dreams of adventuring on the mountain tops and float in small bodies of water. More on, while you relax with your fingers crossed; there are two mesh pockets on the side to hold your handy accessories. There’s no hassle to the comfort you desire because your head will be properly rested on the softly squared headrest as your entire body. The inflatable air sofa is a smart way to sit and lay while the partying or having a good time outdoors with loved ones.

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