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Review Summary of Inflatable T Rex Costume

Our inflatable Dinosaur T-Trex adult costume will make you feel like a king. The dinosaur Halloween costume will make you the center of attention. This is the perfect choice when you want to stand out in any Halloween party. Dinosaur inflatable T-Trex costume is the best costume designed with polyester material. Its lightweight, ultra-durable and waterproof, giving you the best comfort, it’s even better with the re-enforced stitching.

You do not need to get worried about the size, because the dinosaur T Rex inflatable costume is designed in a way that it can fit all. If you’re looking for something to bring more excitement to your party, get the dinosaur T Rex costume as your first choice.

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Features Of Inflatable T Rex Costume

Super Quality-the dinosaur T Rex costume is made from high quality and lasting materials. The inflatable costume is lightweight, waterproof and the most important feature is that it’s very durable and comfortable.

The dinosaur adult costume is designed with a battery case a strong shoe cover, gloves and fan. It is designed with re-enforced stitching that helps to ensure the costume last long. The custom does not allow you to get so much sweat, it’s also can be worn by all kinds of size and it will still look good.

Idealize FIT – This grown-up T Rex costume is a good size for all adults of 65-78 tall. Spruce up like a dinosaur and stroll in comfort.

Easy-Setup-It has a battery that operates the fan inflates costumes in seconds, it uses the 4XAA batteries (though it does not come with the costume) When the dinosaur has been inflated it appears very real

Original- Purchase with certainty as we offer 100% hazard free, unconditional promise, no inquiries inquired. In any case, we are certain that you will appreciate the predominant nature of our TREX costume and will be happy with the buy. The Trex dinosaur comes with manual even though it’s very easy to set up.

Inflatable T-Rex Halloween Costume – A Quick Look


  • One good thing about the T Rex inflatable costume is that it’s unisex; it can be worn by both men and women.
  • The inflatable costume does not need a lot of work; it’s easy to inflate and deflates. When you want to put it on it only takes a few minutes and you’re ready.
  • The dinosaur T Rex inflates is designed to fit both tall and large people making it very comfortable to put it on, the inflatable costume comes with a free drawstring bag.
  • It’s the best for birthdays, children’s party, or whatever events or ceremony in your daily life will be more fun when you have this costume. It is seen as cool and attractive to users and also wearing it brings fun especially to children.


  • Some of the people who have already used the T Rex costume feel uneasy and say it’s big enough for their size. It also needs some improvement to be efficient.
  • The battery power does not last long; it can only last for 1 hour.

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Final Verdict

This is the perfect outfit for that Halloween party your been waiting for so long. This dinosaur inflatable T Rex costume is the best and it fits for any event or occasion. It’s a great choice or family and kid’s events and overnight partying. Imagine having all your friend and family friends enjoying our self in the best dinosaur inflates costume.

I recommend you try this dinosaur T Rex inflatable costumes being that it’s affordable and comfortable. Since it’s made from Polyester material, it’s durable and worth your money, the most important part is you can use for many Halloween seasons or party.

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