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Intending to replace your hot tub cover? If yours is either torn, doesn’t meet your specifications or its getting old? It doesn’t have to be an arduous task closing in on a cost-effective quality model.Hot tubs are impressive courtyard look compliments that are spectacular, soothing, and exciting, especially after a busy schedule.Notably, there are so many best hot tub covers Reviews to choose from by paying attention to the necessary details

Remember, hot tub covers help you protect the finish of your hot tub, keep off unwanted stuff like leaves, and other debris getting into your hot tub; staying clean and warm. Your heating bill is equally significantly reduced in the long run.

How about a look at some of the excellent reliable top-quality brands? They are dedicated to bringing you not only just incredible performance but also zero replacement costs and that long lasting effect

Top 5 Hot Tub Covers Reviews-Comparison


Product Name


Editors Ratings


Round Hot Tub Cover

Cover Mates Round Hot Tub Cover

80Diameter x 14H

Empire Patio P9A16PM1 Hot Tub Cover

Empire Patio P9A16PM1 Tan Tweed

10 x 8 x 5 Inches


Cover Mates  Rectangular Spa Cover

92W x 82D x 14H

beyond nice hot tub covers reviews

Beyond Nice Hot Tub Cover and Spa Cover

96 x 96 x 6 Inches

BeyondNice Deluxe Hot Tub Covers Spa Covers

Beyond Nice Deluxe Hot Tub Covers

96 x 96 x 5 Inches

Best Hot Tub Covers 2020 Reviews

1. Cover Mates – Round Hot Tub Cover

If you are seriously looking for hot tub covers that won’t disappoint but keep your water clean, this is a perfect choice.I also like the fact that, it boasts a nice feel and a creative attractive look to compliment your surroundings.

Performance features

Besides, enjoy the convenience of this hot tub cover able to trap the heat inside your hot tub, helping you conserve energy while cutting down on heating bill costs.

Round Hot Tub Cover

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The hot tub cover also comes with a locking drawcord system meant to enable have a tight fitting on your hot tub. This will keep most of the energy well trapped, saving energy costs.

You will notice its elastic hem at the bottom part of the cover, is to ensure the covering of every part of your hot tub.

Design and Craft

Could you be paying attention to hot tub cover insulation and design? The Cover Mates – Round Hot Tub Cover – Cap 80DIAMETER x 14H is a dependable body construction made of a high quality material; the premium 300D solutions dyed polyester.

Convenience of use and ease of handling

Expect to find it compatible with your hot tub model, since it is able to fit into up to 80 DIAMETER x 14H hot tubs. Besides, you will find it easy to remove from your hot tub without any help. Even, you can use it for your inflatable hot tubs as well.


  • Comes with a 7-year manufacturer warranty
  • Can fit up to 80 diameter x 14h hot tubs
  • Made of quality and durable premium 300D solution-dyed polyester material
  • Features a locking drawcord system for tight fit
  • Has an elastic hem around for perfect fitting
  • Rain resistant


  • I don’t find its insulation perfectly as great

2. Empire Patio P9A16PM1 Hot Tub Cover

There is no better way to relax in a hot tub covered clean without any foreign unwanted elements in your water, thanks to the innovative Empire Patio P9A16PM1 Tan Tweed.

Craft and functionality

You don’t have to worry anymore of sagging conventional models sometimes bogged down by moisture.This hot tub cover is designed to overcome all the harshest Mother Nature can throw at it while staying in shape.

Empire Patio P9A16PM1 Hot Tub Cover

Che​​​​ck Price on: Amazon

Besides, if your hot tub is located outdoors, count on this cover to protect it from the hot sun rays since it is strong complimented by its weather resistant 600 denier polyester.

Additionally, it comes in a neutral tan patterned weave that has dark gray pipping across its seams. Remarkably, it is waterproof.

Measurements and specifications

This hot tub cover measures 14-inches in height by 86-inches I width and 86-inches long for the perfect covering you can rely on.


  • Available in classic materials (Blue Slate or Nutmeg in color) or signature (Tan Tweed or Signature Tan in color).
  • Cover material made of durable weather resistant polypropylene and heavy-duty 600 denier polyester
  • UV treated for sun protection
  • Great for outdoor and indoor protection


  • You need to be careful when pulling it from the hot tub to avoid it tearing easily.
  • Not as efficient as other hardcovers even though it delivers on functionality.

3. Cover Mates Rectangular – Best Spa Covers

Done with your tiresome day and want to unwind in your hot tub? The last thing you need is to find the unwanted in your hot tub.

This is where Cover Mates – Rectangular best Spa Cover – Cap 92W x 82D x 14H does the job for you.

Cost- effective

CoverMates Rectangular best Spa Cover

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To ensure you don’t end up spending a lot on energy bills, this hot tub cover is a preferable choice to trap all the heat in your hot tub. This saves you from unnecessary extra energy bills on heating.

Additionally, it helps you to confidently keep off the dirt, leaves and much other debris off your hot tub, thanks to its heavy foam material.

Design and Functionality

Intelligently designed with thick material, the hot tub cover is your perfect choice to keep off unwanted elements in your water because it has elastic hems that ensure a secure fit.

The Polyester lining provides extra stability. It is suitable for size tubs of up to 92W x 82D x 14H.  Its actual cover size is 93W x 83D x 14H. For longevity, it is made with thick 12–gauge commercial vinyl.


  • Carries a 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Durable body construction
  • Traps effectively heat saving energy bills
  • Fits hot tub sizes of up to 92W x 82D x 14H.


  • Unless you take care of it appropriately, overtime the insulated covers start bogging down quickly

4. Beyond Nice Hot Tub Covers

I confidently recommend this design for those keen on an effective hot tub cover that not only keeps off the debris and other elements from the tub but also ensures there is a safety layer that prevents uncontrolled use.

Since 1986, Spa Cover Inc. has produced quality ASTM compliant replacement covers in the USA.Impressively, you can order from outside the USA and delivery will be done to your doorstep. You expect regular updates on delivery progress till delivery is done.

beyond nice hot tub covers reviews

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Efficiency and effectiveness

Do you need to cut down your electricity bills? Count on these hot tub cover 6-inches thick to provide you maximum insulation for low energy consumption.

Functionality and craft

Find its Eco-friendly 4 x 6-inch insulation and a pillow easy to run through the whole length of the hinges while fitting.  This implies there is complete insulation across the hinge, especially when the cover is lowered.

The cover is light enough for easy portability. For a negligible vacuum feeling, while lifting it, its underside is soft providing that light seal around the edges.

Are you the type keen on the extra features of a hot tub cover? Well, enjoy the convenience of double Styrofoam dedicated for extra insulation.

Additionally, its second extra thick layer eliminates chances of water logging. This is why this affordable hot tub cover is worth your investment with zero disappointments.


  • Has standard foam cores tapering from 6” thick in the middle up to 4” thick at the edges
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty plus coverage for water logging
  • Compliant to ASTM F1346 – 91(2012) Standards
  • Has effective Polyethylene vapor barriers to keep moisture out
  • The design is 26 oz. Marine Grade, suitable for UV and is mildew resistant vinyl
  • Has 4 locking tie down straps
  • Made in any size up to 96” wide by 96” long and 96” in diameter


  • I find the handles on this cover a lower-quality feel.

5. Beyond Nice Deluxe Hot Tub Covers -Spa Covers

I love the idea behind this deluxe hot tub cover to adopt a 5” thickness in body construction. It helps ensure there is perfect insulation. This also means you will save costs on energy bills, thanks to its effective heat trapping

Compliance and reliability

You expect this ASTM compliant replacement hot tub cover for 30 years while on a 5-year warranty. This also covers the water logging

BeyondNice Deluxe Hot Tub Covers Spa Covers

Check Price on: Amazon


Worried when it rains what your hot tub cover can deliver? This design comes with sloping tops to ensure there is rain runoff or you can equally position it flat for protected zones like the under the desk.

For perfected insulation, the cover is 5” thick able to taper to 3. Find this hot tub cover a great fit to your needs, thanks to its quality material strength able to last you long.


  • Has a 5-year warranty that includes water logging
  • ASTM F1346 – 91(2012) Standards compliant
  • Can be made for any size up to 96” in length, 96” in width and 96” in diameter
  • Made of Polyethylene vapor barriers to effectively  keep moisture out
  • Comes with 4 locking tie down straps
  • Boasts up to 6-inch wide skirt for weather and UV protection
  • Comes with extra 2 Nylon lifting handles, one on each side of the fold or hinge


  • Not my perfect puddling experience

6. Empire Patio Square Hot Tub Covers

Do you love stylish, sleek and elegant hot tub covers? The Empire Patio Square Hot Tub Covers Cap 86 in Wide – Nutmeg brings the experience to your doorstep. It is durable to cost-cut on possible replacement expenses too.

Performance and design

Expect this model to cover up to 86” long and 86” in width. Its material is protective, thanks to its two external layers of the covers with high tech spun-round.

EmpirePatio Square Hot Tub Covers

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 Apart from that, it is also treated with UV compound.


  • It is 100% water resistant
  • Vented and 100% breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Designed with quality art 3-layer material for maximum protection
  • Long lasting body construction
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • I4″ High x 86″ Wide x 86″ Long


  • Its elastic cover doesn’t work so well when windy

7. Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover

Famous in producing fashionable hot tub covers that are not only long lasting but also of high performance, this Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover is no match.

Whether you a novice or a newbie in the world of hot tub covers, this is cover will protect your tub from all the unneeded elements while enjoying its comfort.

Body Construction

Classic Accessories Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover

Check Price on: Amazon

It features a heavyweight woven polyester fabric undercoating that you will find excellent in water resistance.

Furthermore, this cover comes with interior bound seams that are strong, of high-density meeting the standards of the California Prop 65 compliance for health and safety.


Get an opportunity to enjoy a warranty on this cover or an online hassle-free warranty program supported by their US-based customer service team.


  • Able to fit square hot tubs covering up to 94” long and 94” in width
  • Impressive in heat-trapping and protection against weather elements
  • Affordable but durable to save you replacement costs
  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Its elastic hem cord is easy for a tight custom fitting


  • Doesn’t come with extra handles on its package

8. Cover Mates – Square Hot Tub Cover

Want extra fun in your hot tub after that busy long day? You don’t need to incur extra costs associated with maintaining your spa due to poor models.

Step up your spa, by enjoying the capability of this hot tub cover able to conserve your energy bills in the long run.

Design and Performance

CoverMates Square Hot Tub Cover

Check Price On: Amazon

Step up your spa, by enjoying the capability of this hot tub cover able to conserve your energy bills in the long run.

With an actual cover size of 85W x 85D x 14H; this is a classic square soft spa cover with an extra layer for maximum protection against harsh Mother Nature elements.

Besides that, it is made from 12 mils commercial grade vinyl that embraces a polyester lining. Remarkably, the lining doesn’t attract insects either like conventional models.

As if that is not enough, you will be thrilled by the fact that its hemmed covers come with an extra thick elastic band. This implies it has a solid grip around your tub to avoid being blown away when windy.


  • Made of high quality thick 12–gauge commercial vinyl material
  • Features an elastic hem for a secure fit
  • Has a Polyester lining for extra stability
  • Designed to fit up to 84W x 84D x 14H hot tubs


  • Insulated cover gets bogged down quick overtime unless taken care of well

9. Classic Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover

This is one of the most fashionable designs that will bring you that long lasting effect to match your taste and preference.

What you stand to enjoy

Additionally, it is made of heavyweight Gardelle woven polyester fabric and special water-repellent undercoating you can rely on.

Protect your spa from foreign elements while enjoying the most convenient warranty on this hot tub cover.

Classic Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover

Check Price on: Amazon

Besides, you can get online and utilize the hassle-Free warranty program supported by the manufacturer linked US-based customer service team.


This is one of the best from Veranda Square Hot Tub Covers that brings you a heavyweight Gardener woven polyester fabric and special water-repellent with a resistant backing.

It also comes with a protective dark splash guard skirt and an elegant water-repellent fabric top that is designed for waterproof undercoating.

Impressively, it is also able to protect your tub from the UV light damage and exposure to harmful to unwanted foreign elements.


  • Has air vents that reduce inside condensation and wind lofting
  • Comes with padded handles for comfortable and easy lifting or removal
  • An elastic hem cord with toggle allowing adjustment for tight and custom fitting
  • Meets California Prop 65 compliance for health and safety standards
  • Fits square hot tubs with covers of up to 86” long x 86” wide
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with additional handles in the package

10. The Cover Guy Deluxe – Best Hot Tub Cover for winter

Lastly, is your Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover for those in need of a cover with a 30 oz. marine-grade vinyl and available in 10 colors to choose from.

Functionality and performance

Apart from that, it can be custom made for up to 96” both ways to fit into your diverse demands. Outstandingly, the cover comes with foam that is a 5” taper 1.5 lb. high-density closed cell.

Best Hot Tub Cover for winter

Check Price on: Amazon

It is also wrapped in a vapor proof barrier and heat-sealed closed. This implies you can trap in much heat saving your energy costs in the long run.

Additional features

For the convenience of your handling, the design comes with 4 safety straps smartly positioned with 2 handles padded for extra comfort on your hands.


  • Has a skirt length of up to 4” included
  • Cuts down energy bills
  • Eliminates water logging
  • Has 4 lockable tie downs for stable positioning


  • Doesn’t have the continuous hinge seal or entire length of the hinge included

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Hot Tub Covers

Pay attention to a hot tub cover that comes with excellent insulating features and worth your dollars. Take into account these useful tips and pieces of advice when buying your next hot tub cover for a reliable choice that will suit your needs and preferences.

Your Climate Condition

Make sure your choice of a hot tub cover is able to withstand your local climatic conditions. It should be able to overcome wear and tear while maintaining quality.

Vapor Barrier And Foam Design

The part coating foam cores should be effective in ensuring no water access to the main insulation of the cover.

The foam should be water resistant and thick enough to create barriers for loss of water vapor. This will save you from unnecessary energy costs too.

Ensure your foam core is of high quality and avoid designs made from recycled materials. They wot serve you greatly under harsh weather conditions.

Quality Of Design

Polystyrene foam and vinyl made covers tend to perform better. This is because vinyl is durable even though I don’t find them great for outdoor use.

Others Factors To Consider

  • Get the right taper thickness. Remember, the thicker the foam the  more weight load the cover can handle
  • Ensure your vinyl has UV and mildew inhibitors
  • Cover-Security Mechanism
  • Spa Cover Lifts and Locking Straps

Final Verdict!

I recommend these best hot tub covers because of not only their top-class performance but also because they are impressive cost-saving options. Notably, they are long lasting too.Therefore, it is also important you check that your model of choice is not only affordable but also suits your budget constraints.

Additionally, be keen to get the right dimensions of your hot tub cover to match the size that will not disappoint you in performance. You can never go wrong if any of these hot tub covers ensure your spa is a remarkable treat that will leave you with memories from use to use.

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