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Review Summary of Etekcity Electric Rechargeable Air Pump

Are you looking for a portable Air Pump to inflate bed, boat, or pool toy? Air pump plays an important role on vacation, adventures and regular inflating uses. It helps to inflate Air filling bed, boats, pool toys, travel pillows, and so on. For normal home inflating purposes, you can use a regular air pump. However, when it comes to vacation or weekend trip, Portable air pump works well, because it doesn’t need any wire or power source for Inflating.

During adventures like trekking, forest trips, and weekend pool games, water rides, you can’t always expect the power source to inflate your bed or pool toys. The portable air pump is small, easy to carry and weightless inflator, which occupies less space in your travel bag. It’s designed with rechargeable batteries that provide the power backup; to operate this air pump for long time duration.

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Features Of The air pump For Inflatables

Specification & Features

The Electric Rechargeable Air Pump for inflatables is designed with 2 air valves for inflating and deflating many kinds of air-filling products such as Pool floats, travel pillows, beach balls, camping beds, inflatable seat, pool, sofas, exercise ball and so on. You can choose the port (valve) according to the product you have planned to use with the air pump.

3-In-1 Inflation

 It comes with the option of three nozzles to inflate different products.  The sizes of each nozzle is; small (0.27″), medium (0.35″), and large (0.69″). Small size can be used for pool toys, pillows, and vacuum bags. The medium size nozzle can be used for a camping bed, sofas, and air bed. You can use the large size nozzle for inflating pool, adults pool floaties and children play homes.

Rechargeable and Portable

The rechargeable air pump’s accessories include alternating current (AC 100-240V) and direct current (12V DC) adapter for charging and inflating functions. More on, the AC adapter can be plugged into a wall socket; at home or in the office to charge the battery. For the sake of convenience; it also can be charged in the car too. The manufacturer considers safety. So, it’s written on the operations manual; ‘the air pump will not be turned on while the adapter is plugged in for charging.’ To indicate the charging; the red LED will be ON. Once the charge is Full; the LED become Green.

Lightweight and Portable

The Electric Rechargeable Air Pump is a lightweight product that can easily be transported. The device is compatible with indoor and outdoor products. More so, it doesn’t require a large space for storage.

Longer Life Batteries

The air pump contains NI-MH batteries which emit less pollution. More so, batteries are high-performance cells that are longer-lasting than other rechargeable air pumps. The portable air pump produces less noise during inflation and deflation. A fully charged air pump inflates a normal camping bed (twelve times faster) than regular.

Etekcity Electric Rechargeable Air Pump – A Quick Look


  • Portable, lightweight, occupies very less space.
  • The advanced NI-MH batteries provide quick inflation and produce less pollution and noise.
  • Three size of Nozzle allows you to inflate many kinds of air filling products.
  • 2-in-1 air-valve provides the option to inflate two products at a time.
  • Setup and cleaning the device is easy.


  • Overheating body construction; the top of the air pump will be overheating during heavy usage.
  • Low air pressure.

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Final Verdict

This product is good value for money because it works with alternating current and direct current. It has enhanced features and good service delivery. The main features are; quick-fill inflator deflator valve, lightweight, versatile and rugged.

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