Absolute Outdoor Onyx Inflatable Life Jacket – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

Absolute Outdoor Onyx Automatic and Manual Inflatable Life Jacket reviewsEditor Rating: 4.7/5

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Review Summary of Inflatable Life Jacket

There’s no reason to purchase a regular life jacket that doesn’t have enhanced safety features. We offer an automatic and manually operated inflatable life vest after painstaking safety research. This inflatable life jacket is made from high-quality materials; neoprene and polyester fabric. It’s ergonomically designed with a CO2 cylinder and aesthetic beauty.

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Features Of Automatic and Manually Inflatable Life Jacket

High-quality material

Clothing items that have been made from 100 percent polyester, Oxford and neoprene materials are strong and durable. However, the material’s strength determines how valuable the product will be. The manufacturer understands this concept and has decided to give buyers the value of their money. The user will enjoy comfort by wearing a best inflatable life jacket with reflectors and adjustable strap webbing. It’s everything a beginner swimmer needs because the life jacket is user-friendly.

Enhanced Safety Features

It takes less than five seconds to inflate the life jacket by automatically or manually pulling the handle cord. However, the slim-fit design combines with reflectors that increase the chances of the wearer’s visibility at night. When a little light fall on the vest, the reflector bounces off light for other people to notice.

Easy to Inflate

To allow faster deflation and inflation within a few seconds; the life jacket has been fitted with handle cords. When properly inflated, the air-tight life vest stays the same for at least 48 hours. The oral tube for inflation is in a perfect position that leads to the cylinder chamber. When floating on water after 24 hours, it’s buoyancy loss at most five percent. These safety features increase the value of your inflatable life saver.

Lightweight and sturdy design

The heavy-duty nylon fabric adds to the sturdy construction of this inflatable life jacket. The soft neoprene and lightweight inflatable life vest are designed for wearers that are at least sixteen years. Apart from the manual inflation, you have an alternative; upon and immersion, there’s automatic inflation. More so, the life jacket is designed to respond with the backup oral inflation.

Puncture-proof material

More so, body movements might cause wear and tear of life savers. This Outdoor Neoprene Inflatable Life Jacket is a ripstop material; the fabric is highly resistant to punctures. However, the vest is fold able for safe keep after use and needs no large space for storage.

It regulates body temperature

A part of the inflatable life jacket has a soft neoprene neckline that maintains a suitable body temperature cool on sunny days. It’s a waterproof lifesaver for adults. It looks beautiful to be worn, but more importantly, there are straps to keep you in place. The size is amazing, and there’s enhanced safety on water when the costume is worn.

Ease of use

This product serves a wide range of users that are looking for highly improved safety jackets. More so, this inflatable vest fits wearers that weigh above 80 pounds. It’s puncture-proof and weather-resistant; with a convertible option of inflating within five seconds.

Automatic and Manual Inflatable Life Jacket – A Quick Look


  • The life jacket feels very light because it weighs just one pound.
  • It’s highly stack able and portable because of its’s dimension; 16 x 3.4 x 30 inches.
  • The reflectors help to prevent accidents.
  • It comes with a choice of automatic or manual inflation mode.


  • It’s not meant to fit and protect children that are weak swimmers with small body sizes.

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Final Verdict

The inflatable life jacket has a stretchable flex-back insert and reflector that averts danger. The life saver is compliant with the U.S. Coast Guard regulation of at least 22.5 pounds buoyancy. In sunshine, the vest keeps you from exhaustion by regulating your body temperature. It’s made from a lightweight fabric that’s durable. You’ll feel comfortable because the life jacket has soft neoprene neckline.

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