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YEAHBEER Inflatable Halloween Costume Adult and ChildrenEditor Rating: 3.8/5

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Lacking thoughts for your extravagant dress gathering or a few festivals? Why not result in these present circumstances Yeahbeer strolling inflatable ensemble, it is adorable and helpful to put on/off. At the point when completely expanded, it is huge, exquisite and can increment cheerful environment.

You can wear it to walk wherever effectively. Impeccable to use at: Halloween/Xmas festivity, party, bar, stop, extravagant dress, jubilee, Cosplay and so on. The Yeahbeer inflatable Halloween costume is designed with polyester material that is very durable. This is the perfect costume to use at a Halloween party, its water proof and easy to clean.

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Features of YEAHBEER Inflatable Halloween Costume

Premium Quality Materials And Construction

The Halloween costume is made with 100% polyester that is solid and sturdy so you will never need to stress over any tears or gaps. We deliberately check every item before transportation to ensure that it’s faultless so you can get it in top condition.

Blows Up Within Seconds

No compelling reason to stress over dawdling and vitality getting your outfit all set up in time for the huge party. The inflatable Halloween ensemble for adults is anything but difficult to swell and it has a quality battery worked fan that will influence it to explode in seconds and remain as such throughout the night.

Party In Comport

The inflatable Halloween outfit isn’t simply interesting and one of a kind; it’s additionally exceptionally comfortable so you can party throughout the night! The explode costume leaves you a great deal of shake space so you won’t need to limit yourself with tight and uncomfortable outfits and it’s ventilated so you won’t get sweat-soaked on the dance floor.

Have Two Size

If it’s not too much trouble pick you require. (Adults and Children) Adults measure fits most adult individuals, it perfectly fits adult who are 1.6 -1.9 m gives the dream of a creature giving you a piggyback ride! Ideal for Christmas, Halloween, Cosplay,Oktoberfest, Charity, Fun Runs or only a customary day! Requires 4 x AA Batteries; It must be 4 AA batteries or it won’t be sufficiently great to completely swell the outfit. The costume does not come with the batteries.

Internal Ring

If you don’t mind fixing the external ring to hold the fan set up before putting on the ensemble, on the off chance that the ring turns out to be free amid shipment then the fan would drop out; If the outfit can’t be completely swelled, please relax the ring and turn the fan towards the front to more readily blow up the head, additionally, fix the drawstrings as tight as could be allowed.

YEAHBEER Inflatable Halloween Costume – A Quick Look


  • The yeahbeer inflatable is quick to inflate with air pump, Gives the illusion of an animal giving you a piggyback ride! Perfect for Christmas, Halloween.
  • It’s very easy to clean, you can use your hands since its washable, and it’s also water-proof material, making it very durable.
  • It’s can freely walk /or move everywhere without any problem, it’s fun riding brings attention and laughter.
  • Its durable even when used in hard places like weeds, rocks and dirty places, it’s also affordable.


  • It uses battery and the batteries do not last long.
  • The size only starts from 8-10 m.

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In general this is the best costume for a party or if you’re planning to trick someone or use it in a Cosplay event. When looking for something that will fit well with no issues about the fan then this costume happens to be the best for both adults and children. This costume is of high quality made from polyester material and it’s very comfortable. The best thing about it is that it’s washable and easy to wear. It gives the illusion of an animal giving you a piggyback ride, Perfect for Christmas.

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