Why You Should Use Hot Tub Covers

Today we will be talking about an item that comes with most hot tubs, and if it doesn’t you can get it separately from the same store you bought your new hot tub from. Very few people use it and tend to either throw it away or even leave it in the box it came it, away in a box somewhere to be forgotten about. Without understanding how important it is and how many benefits it has.

Generally we will be talking about the Hot Tub cover and how it can save you a lot of money, how it will make it safer for kids or pets and even the local critters that live nearby and how it keeps the water fresh and clean so you can enjoy a hot hydro massage anytime you feel like.

Overall it may seem that a best hot tub cover may seem to be a bit of a hassle but in the long run it will not only help protect your investment but also your wallet.

A Hot Tub cover is usually designed from the same material used to make the actual hot tub, with the same color to give it a premium look. Usually it’s filled with foam insulation for enhanced protection. Fitting the hot tub cover should be a very easy thing to do, usually you have some straps that you have to attach on to some kind of locking mechanism located on the sides of the hot tub, if it’s not so obvious on hot to attach it would be best to consult the user’s manual.

Hot Tub cover maintenance

First of all remove the cover from hot tub and take it to a clean place where you can safely play with the garden hose. Talking about the garden hose, use it to clean away dust or other type of debris. You can use a soft and mild type of soap, if you don’t want to buy a professional cleaning product you can use items that can be found around the house, like dish-washing soap with a lot of water or even baking soda. After you are done with the soap, make sure to give it a good rinse because if you leave some of it on it will eventually go into your hot tub.

How it’s going to save you money by using it

importance of hot tub cover

After you are done with the hot tub put the cover on if you don’t, all of the heat will escape. The amount of energy required to heat up over 200 gallons of water is not that much but over time it’s going to get to a considerable amount so make sure to put the cover on. Another thing that has to be taken into consideration is the cost of chemicals required to keep the pH and alkalinity in balance.

The more you leave the hot tub uncovered the more debris, leaves, insects and other unwanted pests will get in and you will end up paying more and more on chemicals to keep the water clean and healthy for you and others that are using it. Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that poor hot tub maintenance will lead to low pH and high alkalinity values which not only makes the water inhospitable but also destroys major hot tub components like the heater, pumps or water jets and these can cost so much that you may even take in consideration on buying a new hot tub.

A hot tub cover will also protect the acrylic shell from sun damage than can cause a steady deterioration which will lead to an imminent death of the hot tub or at least it will significantly reduce the lifespan of your hot tub.


Most people don’t even take in consideration that a mere hot tub can be dangerous. The fact of the matter is that a child or even a pet can drown very easily in just a small amount of water. This should be the main reason any hot tub owner to put the cover on every time when they are not using it. A lot of covers come with special designed locks to maximize safety to make sure no unsupervised kid or unwanted pests goes inside the hot tub.

A hot tub cover will not only save you money or make it safe for your family and pets but it will also keep the water clean so it will be ready for a hot hydro massage anytime you like

Choosing the perfect Hot tub Cover

If in case the model of hot tub did not come included with a cover you can easily purchase one from the same place you bought the hot tub or even any other place that sells hot tubs. Now it’s the time to do some research on how to choose the perfect cover for your hot tub. There are a few things to take in consideration before you buy a cover.

First of all make sure you know the measurements of your hot tub, having the hot tub covered is great but having the sites of it covered as well is even better, it will protect it from sun light damage and it will keep the sides clean as well when it’s raining. Another thing that you might give some thought is to purchase a cover that can be securely locked with a key, in case if you have kids or a pet, it will keep them away from harm.

Final Verdict

In conclusion I would like to say that a mere hot tub cover may not seem like a very important thing to have not mentioning to use, with most people throwing them away in a box in the attic or the garage, you now understand how a simple piece of fabric can save you money, will make your life much easier and it will also keep your loved ones safe from harm.

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