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Unicorn is one of the imaginary creatures that appear in lots of stories and movies. Most of us still believe that animal has existed in ancient centuries. Unicorn is a horse with one horn on its nose, and it is the unique choice for Halloween parties. Buying Unicorn Rider costume is easy nowadays.

For occasional wearing options, it’s better to buy the inflatable unicorn rider costume. So that, after the parties you can deflate and keep it in your rack or storeroom. It occupies only less place. This Inflatable unicorn Rider is for people who want to appear unique at Halloween parties, celebrations, costume contest, festivals and so on.

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Features of the Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume

High-Quality Material

The Inflatable Halloween Costume is designed with the 100 % Polyester which makes the product less weight. The quality polyester is high quality and strong which provides the maximum durability. There is no chance for tears and holes. The material is included for various testing like water, dust, heat, and stretching. It has the water-resistant property which does not allow water to damage the quality. The material color is pure milk white, that looks same as initial even after long time use.

The white reflects the sunlight, so there is no chance for color tuning. The lightweight polyester fabric is easy to clean after use. However, the buyer should ensure that bleaching agents are not used on the costume during cleaning.

Sturdy Design

The sturdy design of the product makes the unicorn looks real. All the parts of the unicorn are inflatable which makes the unicorn unique. The ears, horn, and feet are differentiated with unique colors. When you are not close to the costume, it looks ideally like a real-life creature. The Rider Parts also designed with a pink color to differentiate rider leg from Unicorn. It designed with the rider belt which is attached with the Unicorn neck. That handle will give you the option to move like you are riding from the Unicorn.

The Product comes with elastic hip lock with a rope which allows you to wear it and tie it tightly on your hip. It makes sure that the Unicorn cannot be fall off from your hip.


The durable material provides the long-lasting performance for all type of purposes such as Halloween parties, costume competitions, opening ceremonies, supermarkets, theme parks, and home fun. It blows up within a few seconds; so, it saves your costume set up time. It has the quality battery fan which inflates the product so quickly. The odor-free polyester will make you comfortable while wearing it for long time duration. It doesn’t need any wash since the material is strain free. The blow-up concept allows your skin to breathe comfortably with more space. So, it does not make any sweat and irritations in your legs.

Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume – A Quick Look


  • 100 % polyester material, allow you to wear without any worries about tears and holes.
  • Easily inflates and deflates within a few seconds.
  • The sturdy design keeps the air inside the Unicorn for overnight.
  • Inbuilt battery pack for inflates product.


  • Low battery stability.
  • Poor Fan performance.

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Final Verdict

There are lot of reasons to purchase this inflatable Halloween costume. However, the strength of materials and quality are deciding factors when you plan to get an animal costume. This Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume has been designed from 100 percent polyester fabric. It looks beautiful to be worn and used in the parks, children’s events, schools, and other outdoor recreations. Add some glamour to your outdoor events by purchasing this great weather-proof costume.

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