The Best Inflatable Gifts You Can Give Your Special Someone on Anniversary

Inflatables are probably one of the best party products you can buy on the market. Aside from being fun to look at, they also bring more life to the party. However, aside from their usual purpose, an inflatable product can also make for an exciting, and even unexpected, gift for your special someone on your anniversary.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best inflatable gifts that will surprise your loved one during your special event:

Inflatable loungers

First on the list are inflatable loungers. In case you’re wondering, these are portable loungers which you can carry with you anywhere you go. Their main purpose is to provide you, along with your special someone, a nice and comfy sofa where you can sit on.

Also, inflatable loungers are designed to be long-lasting and suitable for use on any terrain. This makes them ideal for use whenever you go out camping as you can set them up on the ground and start using them right away.

Like any other inflatable products, inflatable loungers will require a few minutes to get fully inflated before you can use them. Using one is also very easy. You just have to inflate it using an air pump – some can even be inflated by just holding them upon and letting air enter – and you’ll be good to go.

Inflatable costumes

An inflatable costume is just as the name implies – a costume that can be inflated. However, there’s actually more to that than just a simple costume. These inflatables you can find on the market come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, and designs.

Among the most popular is the inflatable T-rex which makes for a really fun costume at parties. However, there are also other popular choices, especially if you’re planning to give it to your special someone. Choices like an inflatable unicorn, inflatable sumo suit, and more are teeming in the market.

Compared to inflatable loungers, an inflatable costume has a built-in motor that’s responsible for inflating it. It’s also the one responsible for keeping the costume inflated for hours. Some can last for 2-3 hours, while some can last even longer.

You can give one to your partner and buy one for you. Together, you can wear the costumes and have a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate your anniversary. Just make sure you pick the appropriate fit as these costumes come in a variety of sizes

Inflatable floats

If your special someone loves swimming in the pool, or perhaps you’re planning for a pool party and want your partner to have his/her own pool party stuff, then an inflatable float is the best choice for a gift.

Available in different designs and shapes, you and your partner will surely enjoy floating on the pool while sipping your favorite refreshments. Aside from being stylish, inflatable pool floats are also a practical choice. They can turn your pool experience into a relaxing moment depending on how big your chosen floats are.

You can choose a small one which allows you to float on the pool while partially submerged in the water, or you can go for a huge float where you can completely relax, even take a nap, for a few hours. With the availability of varying colors, they’ll surely add more life to your pool party.

Also, although we’re talking about pool floats , it doesn’t mean you can’t use them in the beach. You actually can – whether it be on the lake, river, or just about any body of water. Just keep in mind that each inflatable pool float is different, so you might want to check out its specifications first.

Inflatable kayaks

An inflatable kayak is among the best inflatable gifts for your loved one if the both of you are into kayaking adventures. With a number of benefits that inflatable kayaks have over their traditional counterparts, your partner will surely appreciate having one as a gift.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that an inflatable kayak gives is its portability. When deflated, you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go. Most products on the market even have their own storage bag so you can safely store them away.

Also, they’re very quick and easy to inflate. With just an air pump, you can fully inflate yours in just a couple of minutes. You don’t even have to worry about yours suddenly deflating while you’re in the middle of the lake or sea as most of them are made of high quality and durable materials made to withstand wear and tear and a certain level of damage.

Lastly, they’re also easy to patch. In the event that yours got damaged or has holes, you can patch it quickly by using a patching tool that often comes in the package.

By giving this as a gift for your special someone on your anniversary, the both of you can have a unique anniversary celebration by adventuring into your favorite kayaking spots.

Inflatable paddle boards

If you and your partner love water adventures, then an inflatable paddle board would surely make an excellent anniversary gift. Just like inflatable kayaks, inflatable paddle boards are also portable and very easy to carry.

Aside from that, you can also rely on their stability and paddling performance. Though not as powerful and durable as their traditional counterparts, inflatable paddle boards are more than enough to give you and your partner an unforgettable anniversary experience.

Final Thoughts

Inflatable’s may not be your typical idea of a gift, especially on your anniversary. In spite of that, they surely are unique and can guarantee to surprise your special someone. Of course, you have to choose an inflatable that corresponds to you and your partner’s lifestyle.

For example, if you love pool parties, pool floats are the ideal option. Meanwhile, if the two of you love water adventures a lot, inflatable kayaks and paddle boards are best. There’s a lot of options out there. Just choose the one you think your special someone will love.

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