Luckysun Adult Dinosaur Inflatable Costume T Rex – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Review Summary of Adult Dinosaur Inflatable Costume

Why settle for less when you could get a great inflatable Dinosaur costume that’s 100 % polyester material. The strength of a material is unique for this life-size product. It will gather dust because the wearer needs to move around. However, the 8-feet long polyester fabric costume is easy to wash, and it’s stain-proof. You can also stack it in a small space. The size could be amazing when the costume is worn, but after using it’s fold-able for safe keep.

This Inflatable Dinosaur is the best choice for a Halloween party, games, bars, hotel, annual. Kids can use them for events, school celebrations, festival, commercial opening ceremonies, theme parks and so on. More so, young people love the amazing creatures such as dinosaur and dragons. There are several regular products like the best Inflatable Costumes in the market. One of the unique Costumes in Dinosaur shape Inflatable costume. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like Dinosaur.

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Features of Adult Dinosaur Inflatable Costume


Inflatable Dinosaur Costume is made of 100% pure Polyester which provides the ultimate comfort while wearing on even crowded places. This material does not harm your health, and it has low cadmium. The material does not contain health affecting materials such as Formaldehyde and lead. The odor-free Polyester makes you feel comfortable with kids when they play around you in the theme parks.  It is Azo free which is keep your body away from the irritations. The quality of material water resistant which does not make any strain on the costume and it will not make you wet even in rainy time.


The attractive design of this Inflatable Dinosaur Costume provides the real look of the dinosaur, unlike cartoon dinosaur costumes. The product comes in three different colors such as Brown, green and Gary that provides the option to purchase based on the theme decoration of your festival. More on, this imported design has zipper open to wear and remove easily. The quality metal zipper will help you to wear it tightly with more comfort. The size of the product comes with 160 cm chest, and 174 cm for the waist. It’s compatible with the adult size from 5’3 to 6’5. The costume is enhanced with quality colors that don’t fade.


Adult Dinosaur Shape Inflatable Costume comes with high-quality polyester material which provides the long-lasting performance even after multiple times wearing the costume. It is fully inflatable within 90 Seconds and deflates less than a minute. The inbuilt 9000 RPM Speed motors inflate the Costume faster.

The unique design will make you walk around comfortably on the floor. The water-resistant property of the material allows you to stand on rain as well. The 100 % Polyester product is durable and is designed to provide the long-lasting appearance forever. The colors of the material will not be affected by the water and sunlight.  It remains the same even after long time usage.

Regular battery specification

Regular 8 AA batteries sold as over-the-counter products are common. This is an advantage of owning the Dinosaur Inflatable Costume as you wouldn’t have to search endlessly when the battery goes out. However, the set of battery doesn’t have a longer-lasting life like other expensive dry cells.

Adult Dinosaur Inflatable Costume – A Quick Look


  • 100 % Polyester material provides the soft and comfort.
  • Water resistant, the best choice for the theme park, and water festivals.
  • Colors availability allows you to choose based on the festival theme.
  • Compatible for size from 5’3 to 6’5 that almost suits all adults.
  • It takes less than 90 seconds to inflate and deflate.


  • Low stability battery pack design
  • Poor Motor performance

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Final Verdict

Are you looking for something like creative Inflatable Costume? If your guess is as good as mine; then, you’re on the right page. The versatility of this costume is an advantage because it can be used at the zoo, in the parks, carnivals, and TV shows. Other outdoor uses are; promotional shows, clubs, annual events, parties and school events. Kids will have a great time dancing and touching adult animal costumes. It brings amazement to babies; joy, and excitement to kids that love to play.

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