Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Build Quality

Review Summary of Intex 77in Portable Massage Purespa Set

Introducing the Intex 77 Inches PureSpa Portable Massage Spa Set, a mid range portable bubble massage spa set for a reasonable amount of money, featuring a large water capacity and a very good price.

It has to offer a wide variety of features that will be just enough to enjoy a relaxing bubble massage at a party with your friends and family, or maybe just by yourself on a clear sky evening looking at the stars.

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Intex 77in Portable Massage Purespa Set – Core Features

Durable Construction for Longevity

The Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set comes in a lovely light brown color that looks excellent in any place you will install it. Measuring 79x79x28 inches it is large enough hold up to 4 people and because of the size, it will easily fit on your wooden deck in the backyard or on the freshly cut grass.

The water capacity is 210 gallons which can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of the efficient water heating system that is isolated for maximum heating efficiency and to protect Hot Tub. The very easy to use control panel is all you need to power up the 120 hot air bubble jets for a relaxing massage.

Ease of Use

The control panel can also be used to adjust the water temperature to your preference. Manufactured using three-ply laminated material featuring Fiber-Tech construction; it is designed for pleasant comfort and durability. The built-in hard water system cleans and refreshes the water for a more, soft and refreshing feel on your skin. Weighing 102.7 lbs makes it very easy to pack up in the portable back that comes with it so you can take it with you when going on vacation.

The price above it all under 400$ which makes it a good value for money. Also in the box, you get 2 filter cartridges, a 3-way test strip, floating pool chlorine dispenser, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose and a carry bag.

Reasonable Rate

The Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Spa Set is a very good value for the money, compared to other products is somewhat in the mid range of Hot Tubs, with a water capacity of 210 gallons and seating capacity of up to 4 people.You can find Hot Tubs out there that are better or not, so good as this one.

Perfect for All

The Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Spa Set is very good if you are looking for a best inflatable Hot Tub for your family and friends that will not only cost a fortune but it will still be enjoyable. Talking about friends and family, they will all love it. Kids will love it the most probably because all kids like to play in the water with toys. It’s also good for the parents because it will keep the kids distracted for hours.

Talking about parents, they will really enjoy this especially if you’re the husband and you want to surprise the Mrs with a romantic evening at the light of the moon enjoying a soothing massage in the Hot Tub. Students will love this even more if you’re looking for ideas for a party that everyone will enjoy a Hot Tub is just the right thing to make it memorable. Even the elders can enjoy a Hot Tub as the relaxing hot bubble massage is very good for all kind of old age pain.

Intex 77in Portable Massage Purespa Set – A Quick Look


  • The heated bubbles help the temperature from going down too fast
  • All you need is in one box, no other tools needed to set it up, except the chemicals.
  • Energy consumption is very low.
  • The Heating system is efficient compared to other Hot Tubs, you can have bubbles and head at the same time.
  • The floor is cushioned thus there is no need for additional seats you can sit comfortably just as it is.
  • Construction is sturdy so you can lean on it without worry.


  • Heating 210 gallons of water will take some time, about 2-3 degrees per hour, but this is normal to this kind of Hot Tubs.
  • You can find similar Hot Tubs for about the same price that can hold even 6 people at the same time, a bit crowded but they can.
  • For a few more dollars you can find other Hot Tubs with a larger seating capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to make empty the tub?

A: There is a garden hose included with the hot tub. You can directly pass the water to your garden when you need to make it empty. There is also a valve to deflate the tub for easy storing.

Q: How much time it needed to get the desired temperature in the tub?

A: It takes 1-1.5 hour to get every 2 degrees of temperature.

Q: Is it easy to store the tub after using and deflate?

A: After deflating the tub, it becomes small in size. Any man can store the tub within 10 minutes to a corner of the garage or any other place.

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Final Verdict

The Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Spa Set is a very good value for the money, if you want a big enough Hot Tub for your family or a couple of your friends but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is one of the first choices to look at. This is also very good for the kind of people that like to travel a lot since it’s portable you can easily put it in the bag that comes with it and you’re going to enjoy a Hot Tub massage where ever you go.

Now if you’re going to purchase this Hot Tub is totally up to your personal preference and what you plan to do with it, but the fact is that it has a very good value for money.

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