How to keep Hot Tub Water Clean And Safe

Today we are going to talk about how to keep your hot tub water clean and fresh all the time. How it is to live with a hot tub, showing the benefits and downsizes. How to properly maintain a hot tub to avoid the water getting dirty, which is the best chemical for you and your hot tub and how to clean the hot tub when there is no going back to clear water with chemicals. We will also talk about the most important component when it comes to keeping the water clean.

how to clean a hot tub water

Living with a hot tub

Owning a hot tub is mostly fun and it offers a relaxing warm hydro massage without going to the spa. But it can also be frustrating sometimes as it takes much effort and it is time consuming to keep over 200 gallons of water clean and fresh. Before you buy one it is good to know what it takes to own a hot tub and see if you will be able to maintain it.


Maintenance means to give a lot of your time into taking care of your hot tubs functionality. Things like water sanitation, using the appropriate chemicals and keeping the balance of the water chemistry are very important factors when owning a hot tub. Cleaning the hot tub is also hard and time consuming depending on the type and how large your hot tub is.

When using chemicals make sure to check with the user’s manual for additional key components that the user must know before adding chemicals to the water as improper maintenance can cancel out the warranty and can also damage the hot tub. From time to time make sure to use the three-way test strips to check if the water needs additional chemicals


Choosing the right chemicals is a very important factor for keeping the water fresh and also to keep the hot tubs lifespan as long as possible. It depends mostly on the waters proprieties and clearness and it also depends on the place where you place the hot tub and how much time you have for regular maintenance. The most commonly used chemicals are Chlorine and Bromine. They are used the most for their strong disinfecting proprieties but if you prefer not to use them for personal reasons or just because you or some other user of it is allergic, there are other chemicals and even organic solutions that can be used to keep the water fresh and clear of bacteria and unwanted debris.

Other chemicals like Biguanide or Ozone which are non-chlorine and non-bromine solutions that can be used to fight against bacteria. The most used fully organic sanitizer for hot tubs is sea salt, it’s so organic there are no risk if you plan to use it. Regularly you must use test kits that usually come with the hot tub and they are called three-way test strips, because they test the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness all at the same time. These 3 key factors are highly important as they must be in a balance in order for both your hot tub and the water to be clear and fresh.

Something very important that you need to know is that if the pH is too low and the alkalinity level is too high the most major components of the hot tub can seriously be damaged over time and you will end up having to buy replacements and in most cases they cost so much that you may consider buying a new hot tub.

Cleaning the hot tub

Cleaning the hot tub can be a long and time consuming process but it has to be done when the battle with bacteria is lost and it’s time to change the water. First make sure to disconnect the hot tub from the electric supply, there will be a lot of water everywhere and for your own good, don’t forget to do this important step. Also before you take the wrench and start taking the hot tub apart make sure to check the user’s manual, it may hold some key things that you need to know. When all the water is out it’s time to use some light and mild soap and water and give it a good scrub, after you are done give it a good rinse. When you are done with cleaning the hot tub, make sure to check for air leaks. you can also check hot tub vacuums.

Using the hot tub cover

Using the hot tub cover is one of the most important things if you want to keep the water in it clean and fresh for an extended period of time, not only that the cover will save you money on chemicals, it will avoid damage to the major components like the pumps, heating system and water jets. The hot tub cover will also keep unwanted debris like leaves or pests away from the clear water.

The hot tub cover is also very good when it comes to safety, unattended kids or pets can easily drown in just a few inches of water. If the hot tub that you purchased did not come with a cover please keep in mind that they can be purchased separately from the same store you got your hot tub, some stores to sell a cover along with the hot tub because there are a lot of people that don’t use it and are unaware of the benefits it has to offer.

Final Verdict

In conclusion I would like to add one more time a few very important key things to remember. Always check with the user’s manual before buying a chemical to disinfect the water, always check with the user’s manual before you want to disassemble the hot tub to drain it of water so you can clean it. Even just for regular maintenance, it’s highly recommended to check with it for any task or change you want to make to it.

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