How to Inflate a Pool and Pool Toys with an Air Compressor

how to inflate a pool with an air compressor

When it comes to inflatables it seems like your kids get more of them every year. They have floats, water safety devices, beach balls, pools, and more. There is no way that you can blow all of these items up without getting lightheaded and out of breath. Unless, that is, you use an air compressor to make your life easier.

Top 3 Air Compressor For Pool Toys

The most commonly used air compressors for inflating pool toys and blow-up toys for kids is the battery or electric handheld air compressors that you can buy at sporting goods stores, and anywhere that inflatable mattresses, pools, rafts, and toys are sold.

According to thiscompact blog these air compressor units can be taken with you so when you go to the beach or the lake you can inflate the kids toys after you arrive and they do not take up as much room in your vehicle.

You can even use many of these air compressors to inflate car tires so if you have a low tire you will have the means of adding air without hunting a store that has an air compressor for you to use.

If you are inflating a bigger item like an inflatable pool or a big inflatable pool floats for adults then you may want to use your home air compressor that has an air tank. These air compressors are more powerful so they will fill the pool in a shorter amount of time, but if you use one of them you must be careful to not over-inflate the pool and damage the material it is constructed out of.

You need to make certain that you have the proper connectors to use when you are blowing up pools, inflatable toys and things like this.

How to Inflate a Pool with an Air Compressor

Before you can use the air compressor to inflate the pool you must make certain that the air compressor is assembled properly and connected to the proper power source.

You will need to turn on some air compressors and allow them to build up air in their holding tanks prior to inflating the pool. If you are using a battery operated, or an air compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car you will not have to wait for the air tank to fill.

  • Find the air filler valve on the pool and remove the cap.
  • Connect the hose from your air compressor to the air filling valve on the pool making sure that the air hose fits inside the valve so the flap that prevents air from escaping from the valve is properly disengaged.
  • Turn the compressor on and begin to fill the pool.
  • Check the pool to see if it is filled. It should be tight when it is filled. Cut the compressor off and disconnect the hose from the fill valve.
  • Replace the cap on the fill valve of the pool.

Be careful that you do not over-inflate your pool. Too much air in the pool can cause it to rupture, or become weakened so that it will later rupture.

You should only inflate the pool when there is no water in the pool. You should not attempt to inflate the pool while the water is being added.

How to Inflate Pool toys With an Air Compressor

Inflating pool toys with an air compressor is really simple. You may see warning labels on the toys that tell you not to inflate them using a compressor. The reason for those warning labels is because if you put too much air into the pool toys they will be damaged and can even pop like a balloon that has been stuck by a pin, except they are a lot louder when they pop.

Make sure to keep a close eye on the tightness of the plastic as you blow up the toy. When the toy feels tight with very little resistance you should stop the inflation process and recap the inflation valve.

To use the compressor to blow up these toys make sure that you have a connector to attach to the air compressor hose so that the hose will fit onto the smaller air inflation valves that you find on these toys.

Find the air inflation valve and usually there is a cap or plug on the valve to prevent air from escaping after it is inflated. Loosen and remove the cap, or unplug the plug. If this is not attached to the toy be certain that you put it close to you because when the toy is properly inflated you will need the cap to stop the air from leaking out of the toy.

Turn the air compressor on and slowly add air to the toy. Remember to feel the toy as you inflate it and when it feels firm and has very little resistance when you try to squeeze it then it is holding all of the air that it can.

Turn the compressor off

Remove the hose from the air valve on the toy. You need to do this quickly and quickly get the plug or cap over the valve so air does not escape. Some people like to inflate their toys slightly more than what they want the toy to be inflated because when you disconnect the air hose you will lose a small amount of air while you are trying to get the plug or cap back over the valve opening.

You can use some of the handheld air compressors to also suck the air out of inflatable toys or kid's floats so that the toys fold flat and are easy to transport in your vehicle, or easy to store at your home. There will generally be a switch on the air compressor that allows you to turn it from the inflation to the deflation mode.

Using the air compressor to remove the air will be faster than trying to unplug the valve and squeeze until the toy is airless.

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