Is It Okay to Use Hot Tub in Pregnancy

Is It Okay to Use Hot Tub in Pregnancy

Today we will be talking about Hot Tub in Pregnancy. First, you have to understand what a hot tub is and what the purpose of it is? Then we will discuss the benefits and how there are more cons than pros about using a hot tub. Taking care of your up born baby is important. A simple mistake can harm you even your baby also.

What is a hot tub and what’s the purpose of it

A Hot Tub is a larger tub filled with heated water than can be used in many beneficial ways, starting from relaxation to even medical purposes like hydrotherapy. A hot tub is also known to be called as a spa or by the economical way. By design, a Hot Tub is created to be used by several people at a time, in most cases by 4 people.

Some Hot Tubs are small and they can hold 2 people at most at a time, others are large enough to hold more than 6 people with comfort. Hot Tubs usually are placed outdoors being the main advantage over the regular bathtub but they can also be installed indoors.

There are two types of Hot Tubs, inflatable or fixed. Inflatable Hot Tubs are cheaper, constructed by reinforced materials, resistant to punctures and they can easily be moved around the garden, in the house or even take it with you when going on vacation. Fixed Hot Tubs are made out of a cast of acrylic shell usually held by a wooden frame type of structure.

Fixed Hot Tubs are also more expenses with most of them costing thousands of dollars but they are more powerful, equipped with powerful water jets for more comfort. Inflatable Hot Tubs are also available with water jets, but most of them have air bubbles.

There are many benefits of using the Hot Tub during pregnancy, but there are even more dangers of using it.


There some benefits of using a Hot Tub during pregnancy:

  • It’s relaxing and a pregnant woman could use a break sometimes.
  • A light massage is always good on your stressed and tired body.
  • It’s good for the pain.
  • Being in water makes your whole body feels lighter and this helps your back pain especially when the baby it’s almost ready for the real world.

There are many benefits of using the Hot Tub during pregnancy, but there are even more dangers of using it.


  • Studies show that it is best to limit the use for Hot Tubs or Saunas to less than 10 minutes or even giving up on them for good, at least in the first of weeks of pregnancy.
  • Using a Hot Tub can raise the core body temperature where it can be very dangerous for your baby.
  • Avoid using a hot tub especially in the first 7 weeks of pregnancy as there are serious risks of neural tube defects in babies, these affect the spine and skill.
  • Some studies even suggest that raising the body temperature to 101 degrees or more can even lead to miscarriage. The results of these studies are not conclusive but it would be best to avoid Hot Tubs.

What is the cause of these anomalies?

During week 4 to week 16 in the uterus, the facial features and the neural tube form. The newly developing fetus is very sensible in this period and a lot is going on, most of the body is developing in this period, like the head, spinal cord and major organs such as the brain. Exposing the fetus to even 101 degrees can have serious consequences to its development.

When it’s indicated and when it’s not, to use hot tub

After about 16 weeks have passed as most studies suggest that it’s best to avoid Hot Tubs or any other places like the bathtub or the sauna that can increase the core body temperature to over 101 degrees. This is when you may use the Hot Tub but of course with some precautions:

101 degrees is unhealthy for the baby, we already understand this, but most hot tubs have an adjustable temperature of the water, so setting it at around 97 to 98 degrees which is the normal body temperature and this way you should be able to enjoy a relaxing hydro massage bath.

Try to limit the time spent in a hot tub to no more than 10 minutes. Be extra cautious to signs of dizziness, increased sweating or clamminess. If you notice any of these signs contact your Doctor to know if the baby’s development is as it should be.


Finally, I think it’s not safe to use Hot Tubs or Saunas in the first period of Pregnancy. Not only that, it can be dangerous for your baby but also for your own health and safety. Yes, a nice bath in a hot tub can be relaxing but your baby’s health is more important. However you don’t have to worry about using the Hot Tub.

It will still be there after giving birth. You will be able to enjoy it as much as you like after your baby is born, while they’re safe playing or sleeping. Hot Tubs and pregnancy may not go well together and now that you know this, it might affect you but it will be good for your baby’s health and yours.

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