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Review Summary of Chillbo Don Poolio Pool Floats

The air sofa is an inflatable lounger that floats on a pool of water. In the water or on sand; this pool-floating mattress is useful for outdoor recreation and indoor swimming pools. It’s convenient to use the inflatable mattress for relaxation, and easy to set up. It requires four scoops of air to fill each chamber of this puncture-proof lounger. So, beach goers, campers, picnic-lovers, and hikers don’t require a special pump to inflate the lounge  because there’s no inner liner.

Enjoy the summer heat and sunlight in a pool of water with the cool breeze. There’s an alternative to swimming when your own an inflatable lounger. The comfortable floating mattress has a large side pocket to place your handy accessories. Apart from using this product in your backyard pool; it can be used as a beach bed on dry land, dune rider, or snow sled.

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Chillbo Don Poolio Pool Floats – A Quick Look


Multi functional use:  The choice is for the buyer to use the floating mattress as an indoor chair, beach bed or pool lounger.

Colorful: The stylishly designed air-tight and puncture-resistant lounger adds color to any party, camping, picnic and other outdoor events. The product draws attention because it has a versatile use. It’s five times easier to inflate by simply scooping air without puffing. There’s an extra-large carrier bag to hold the deflated mattress; so, it’s highly stack able and requires small storage space after use.


The inflatable mattress is easier to fill with air than regular pool floats in the market. However, it is not as easy as the product’s label claim because most times a fan needs to inflate the windbag.

Features of The Pool Floats Inflatable LoungerBest Chillbo Don POOLIO Pool Floats for Adults

A stylish way of relaxation:

The highly improved water toy has a dimension (length, breadth, and height) of 13x6x3.5 inches. If you don’t own a pool, laying the air sofa on the lawn serves the same relaxation purpose. The lightweight material is easy to transport or stack when it’s not in use. The inflatable mattress can be deflated within five minutes and doesn’t require large storage space. Regardless of its 2-pound weight; the air sofa is buoyant even when it’s carrying a load of at least 440 pounds. Add glamour to your party and relax stylishly with this durable product.

Easy to Inflate Without a Power Pump:

 The floating mattress is five times easier to inflate than regular loungers. It’s inflated like a windbag, and at least four scoops of air are enough to fill the chambers. Simply unzip the single opening and allow air to rush into the mattress. This technique saves the effort of puffing or huffing like regular inflatable loungers. After use, the air-tight mattress can be folded up properly and stacked.

Lightweight, Air-tight and Easy to Install:

 It doesn’t require a special procedure to set up this lightweight air sofa. The waterproof mattress is easy to install and allows more than three persons to sit on it comfortably. Apart from using the product as a camp chair, you can also take a nap or a siesta on the inflatable lounger. The air-tight lounger doesn’t just accommodate people; there’s a side pocket to hold phones, tablets, books and other possessions.

Sturdy construction:

Brightly colored the inflatable lounger is made from ripstop fabric. It’s a stain-proof material; stains are easily washed off because it’s a quick-dry material. Some of the product’s accessories include a carrier bag with shoulder straps for portability. The product has a sturdy construction that allows maximum versatility; to be used on sand, grass, water, and snow. The puncture-resistant inflatable mattress is a reliable indoor and outdoor chair that fits all occasions. It cruises on water and crushing on solid ground.

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Final Verdict

When the air-tight mattress is available, there’s no risk of body pains during a midday nap. Nap time just got easier and relieving because this air-tight mattress is useful indoors. Friends and family can use this product at campsites, in the lake, and on the beach without any risk of puncturing the device. The highly improved material makes the floating lounger a sturdy construction. After using the mattress, it’s easy and quick to uninstall and transport too. Next time you plan to attend a music concert, go with the puncture-resistant lounger and relax as your party!

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