Best Hot Tub Vacuum Reviews and Excellent Guide

The process of cleaning a hot tub can sometimes become a chore if you do not have the right tools for the job. But if you equip yourself with the best hot tub vacuum, cleaning your tub becomes less of a chore. After all, would you love to see algae all over your tub?

All hot tubs and spas require cleaning. This is because dirt accumulates in deep parts of the pool and can be a health hazard and besides the sight of a dirty and probably dusty pool is not a look to behold.

After researching and testing different hot tub vacuums, I have reviewed 5 best vacuums that will help you maintain your tub clean.


Product Name




15.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 In

Reusable X-Treme Multilayer Filter

5.5 x 6.9 x 39.4 In

Interchangeable Brush

12.7 x 7.9 x 4 Inches

Garden Hose

3.5 x 15.12 x 3.12 Inches

Re-Usable Filter Bag

13.9 x 9.8 x 4.8 Inches

Telescoping pole

Best Spa Vacuum Reviews

Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum

Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum review

If you are worried about taking much of your time washing your hot tub because you probably have other errands to run, worry less because Aura 6250 paradise is here for you.

It is an amazing spa cleaner that enhances the speed of the whole cleaning process of the pool. In a nick of time, all the dirt and the debris such as rocks, pennies, marbles and beach sand is cleared out of the pool.

It does not rely on electricity or on batteries to work. It's one of the simplest vacuum cleaners to use. This is because the principle behind it (siphon mechanism) is quite simple.

Its design is also unique and contemporary in nature. It has a design that can increase the life cycle of the vacuum while at the same time maintaining the simplicity of the product. The telescope of the Aura 6250 is made of aluminum which makes it rust free and thus increases the durability of your machine.


  • Very adaptable even for first-time users as it is easy to use and handle.
  • Clears out different dirt and debris particles which makes it very efficient
  • Comes with aluminum which makes it be stretched into the deeper parts of the pool.
  • It is readily available and affordable compared to other existing brands in the market.
  • The best part is that it does not necessarily require rechargeable batteries or inflatable air pumps to work.


  • It is lightweight and thus poses a threat to its durability

Pool supply Town Mini Jet Vacuum Cleaner

Manual Spa Vacuum reviews

It is great for cleaning a variety of pools like a pond, fountain, in-ground as well as above-ground and also in smasher pools, however, is well suited for above ground pools, ponds, and fountains.

It is also easy to use. You simply attach the vacuum together and then you connect it to your garden hose. The vacuum works due to the force of the water pressure entering into the vacuum hence creating a venture action which now draws debris and leaves it into the mesh net or the collecting bag in place.

Another advantage of the "pool supply" town mini jet vacuum cleaner is that it picks up all particles such as leaves, debris, and dirt.


  • Easy to work around with
  • Features strong materials and makes it more durable.
  • Can double up for getting water to your pool at times and this is what you would call killing two birds with one stone
  • It is readily available hence saving you the drudgery of having to walk from one supplier to the other to get it.


  • The major drawback is that it does not come with instructions, especially on how to interconnect it with the hose and thus might get a first timer stranded.
  • The collection bag blows off a lot

Water Tech Pool Blaster Spa Vac Ultra Segmented

This particular cleaner is a high performing machine that will give you the outstanding results you have been looking for.

This cleaner uses batteries to function. It is a self-contained machine meaning that it is automatic in the collection of dust and debris.

It has a very easy way to clean collection chamber whereby you can easily clean and rinse it in a short period of time before vacuuming again. It is also easy to operate as it is also cordless and lightweight.

The water tech pool blaster definitely makes cleaning enjoyable.

To use it, simply put in batteries at their position and adjust the pole to your desired length and then insert it into the back of the cleaner and you are definitely good to go.

It is very effective in cleaning as it comes with a sand-silt bag that enhances the cleaning of the pool. It can also be used in a variety of pool and thus saves you a great deal of having to use different cleaners everywhere

With the advancement in technology also comes in better products that buyers and users need to consider from such as the water tech pool blaster. It was designed by water tech, who were the original investors of battery powered pool cleaners.

It has been tested and found to have the longest battery powered Spa cleaners and this highly adds to its advantage, which one must consider when buying.


  • It is cheap and easily available
  • Collects all types and sizes of dirt and debris associated with pools.
  • It also has a rechargeable battery and it is cordless.
  • It is self-contained
  • Has a re-usable filter bag


  • It does not contain the dirt and debris in the collection bag very well such that when it hits sides or is mishandled a little all the collected stuff comes out
  • Battery capacity wears out with time and thus it reduces the performance.

Pool And Spar Jet Vacuum With Brush

spa vacuum cleaner

Small pools can give you a hard time to clean. Well, this is where the pool and spa jet vacuum comes in as it allows you to effectively and efficiently clean the dirt and debris from your spa especially the small ones.

It comes with a dual-use design giving you a choice of what method to use while using it, something that is not common in most vacuum cleaners. 

You may either decide to use it with a garden hose or with your pool suction hose and interestingly enough, it does not use batteries.

All the dirt and debris is collected into the unit's reusable filter bag which is easy to clean.

It is very light and can be comfortably held with one hand in shallow areas or attached to a pole to access the deeper parts of your spa.


  • It comes with a quick-snap connector which allows you to use any standard garden hose
  • It does not require any other additional tools for installation purposes.
  • Fits on any standard telescoping pole
  • Simple installation
  • Perfect for small tools and hot tubs


  • It has a small vacuum brush which slows down the process of cleaning.
  • The pole that comes with it are weaker and hence need to be held firmly, or use your own a strong pole

Manual Spa Vacuum

Pools upply Town Mini Jet Vacuum Cleaner

From the word manual, someone might expect a lot of hands-on labor but it is not really what you think. This is why. The manual spa vacuums cleaner works with the help of a manual pump that collects or vacuums dirt and debris. The "grit-gritter" helps in making the maintenance of the manual spa vacuum very easy and practical

Its working is also less complicated, for instance, here is a few statements to keep you on the move. First, deep the nozzle in water and squeeze once or twice to eliminate any trapped air. Squeeze and move the" grit-gritter" forward (a distance of about 5 to 7cm) in a single movement. The next step is to now clean with your ready-to-work machine.

The "grit-gritter" not only makes the cleaning process easy but also itself is easy to be cleaned. All you require to do is remove the dirt collector and pour out the dirt and rinse it. This has to be done occasionally and care should be taken not to pour the dirt stuff back into the spa

It is important to note that the "grit-gritter" is designed in such a way that it dismantles due to the effect of high pressure, should yours dismantle worry less as all you are required to do is to assemble it together as you would do after cleaning


  • It does not require installation or hoses.
  • It saves power as most of the work will be done by the hand.
  • Helps you to burn calories as you use your hand to squeeze the" grit-gritter"


  • Not suitable for working over a large surface as it is tiresome

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hot Tub Vacuum

When you are buying the best hot tub vacuum, it is great if you take note of some of the things that make up the best vacuum. Consider the following know more hot tub cover.


Money or financial status of each and every individual highly influences the decisions they make. Normally, it is not advisable to over budget as this may bring you troubles in other aspects of your life. It is, therefore, advisable for one to go for a product that will fall over his financial bracket. This means that you should not squeeze your pocket much, rather you should consider buying something that falls in your range of spending.


This is a very important consideration also. Imagine buying a small-oriented cleaner for say commercial purposes which include cleaning large pools. Such a device might be cost friendly but would it suit your need? I don't think so.

It is highly advisable for you to analyze the amount of work that is to be done so as to aware of the power that your cleaner needs to have to avoid making regrettable mistakes in the future

Cord or Cordless

The size of your pool will influence whether you buy a handheld or that with a cord. Big pools for example will be best cleaned with a corded device at some storage compartment. This is because working on such large areas will get you weary before completion.

Small pools, on the other hand, can comfortably be serviced with handheld cleaners as the work to be done is as well little compared to the big pools

Attached Brush

The attachable brush is of essential value when dealing with grime and dirt that cannot be taken out by the vacuum cleaners. An attached brush would really be of use in such a scenario

In fact, this saves you the stress of having to improvise other tools to use to clear off such kind of dirt. It is recommended that you get a cleaner that has such a brush especially if you work in a public place where you might not have full control of what goes on in every pool or spa

absorbing Sponge

Absorbing sponge is very useful when cleaning liquids and thick components such as lotion or pollen that stuck to the tub.

This is because not only dirt and debris make your spa a health hazard and an untidy place but also such liquids will do more harm than good to your tub and hence the need to consider cleaners with such added privileges such as an absorbing sponge

Other Shaped Nozzles

Also, there is a vast variety of nozzles to choose from the beginning from flat nozzles, big nozzles, and many others. it is, therefore, important you consider the type of nozzle that will give you maximum performance as you clean your tub. Big nozzles, for instance, would be ideal for large areas


Finally, the durability of the product has to come in play for the obvious reasons but most importantly is for saving you a few pennies especially in these hard economic times. Each product has its own period of durability and the longer the period the better. I don't think there is anyone who would want to buy a product today and then after a few days, you are back in the market again while you can buy something that gives you service for a long time.

Maintenance of a product also plays a big role in the long-term durability of the product and hence an easy yet less-expensive product would be highly considered. Most of the maintenance should be simple to handle on your own for most of the above products but for sophisticated ones, it would give you trouble or cost you to hire a professional.

Final Verdict

Just like other vacuum cleaners the hot tub vacuum cleaners work with same theory expect that different companies have adjusted their products a little here and there in order to give you a variety as well as specifications when it comes to certain situations.

Along with its accessories, therefore, a hot tub vacuum cleaner is a product that you can't go without having for maintenance purposes. Even the most advanced hot tub requires one. It is therefore important to know which type of cleaner suit you amidst a wide range of products.

Discussed above are five of the best brands in the market that you can get to choose from without a doubt. These will confidently set you in the mood and on the way to keeping your hot tub clean and so is your environment.

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